Are Investment Clothes Worth the Investment?

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Are Investment Clothes Worth the Investment? - Fashion Blog

We get it. Our clothes ain't cheap. But that's the thing - they're not cheaply made. So they're actually a bigger bargain than that dress you scored for $20. 

Cost Per Wear

Cost per wear means thinking about how many times you'll wear a piece. $5 tights from the drug store that rip after 2 wears? That's $2.50 per wear. $15 spandex tights I bought online that I've worn once a week every fall &winter for 2 years? Less than 30 cents per wear. If I'd stuck with the cheap tights, it would've cost me $130. Instead of $15.

The cheaper tights would've been a huge waste of money.

plus size black a line maxi dressThink that way with every piece of clothing you buy and you'll save a fortune no matter how much you spend. So many women run out on Thursday to buy a $20 dress for date night. A fun, flirty thing that they'll wear three or four times before it goes out of style or disintegrates in the wash (or gets ruined when you try to remove a little stain). So $5 per wear.

Now consider this kicky little number, Vikki Vi's Classic A Line Maxi Dress. At $124, you'd need to wear it 25 times to beat the cost per wear of that $20 dress. That sounds like a lot, but in reality, you'll probably wear it a lot more than 25 times.

Since it's a classic silhouette in a solid, classic color, it's not going out of style anytime soon. You can wear it by itself in the summer, and then add layers in the cooler months. You can add any number of jackets, cardigans, and shrugs to change up the look. You can dress it up for the office, glam it up for a party or date night, and dress it down for weekends.

Investments Are For the Long Term

You may not wear that one Vikki Vi dress every week. But you'll have it for over 10 years. 

We know you've been betrayed by plus size retailers who charge $80 for a dress that falls apart in a month. We're not them. And you don't have to take our word for it.

We heard from customers who've had the same pieces for 12 years. Check out the testimonials for yourself. That means you could wear a $124 dress once a month for 10 years - that's just over $1 per wear. And you'll never get bored with it because you can get different looks with different accessories.

high quality seamsHow do Vikki Vi classics last so long? We use a finely ribbed stretch knit material that drapes beautifully, feels soft and silky, and holds up to wear and washing. The loose fit of our pants keeps them from wearing out at the inner thigh. The seams are high quality and don't come apart.

Quality workmanship like that doesn't come cheap. But it can be a bargain.

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I recently retired. I wore nothing but Vikki Vi to work for about the last decade. Now that I am not working, I thought that would change, but wrong! Although I did give away the majority of my skirts and dresses, I wear my pants and tunics almost every day. So much more comfortable than sweats and jeans, and I feel put together even when I am relaxing. And I expect they will last as long as I do.

—Linda lee holmes,

I wear Vikki Vi exclusively. The fit is always the same as is the high quality. I, too, have outfits that are many years old but I am always buying new colors. I also use the black tops and bottoms as a kind of uniform. Add a colorful jacket and good jewelry and you can go anywhere. This also makes packing easier.

I don’t plan to go anywhere else for my clothes

—Bonnie anderson,

Kudos. I’ve been wearing Vikki Vi ordering from Plus By Desing since 1994 and love it. As a petite plus, everything fits wonderfully. I’ve worn your outfits all over the world having worked, travelled and lived in Germany, Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, stateside and worn the outfits on cruises. They are my GO TO outfits for casual and dressy. And I have my friends ordering too
Annie B

—Annie b,

This is a well written, informative article. I started buying Vikki VI in 2002 because of my career and extensive travel. I still have a few pieces from back then. I continue to buy now that I am retired because it’s clothing that is classic in design and very well made. It’s the best investment I’ve made in fashion along with great classic handbags. I like Plus by Design. Easy to order from and when I had a return they accepted it with no questions. I appreciate the product and this dealer.

—Karen jeffers,

I totally agree with this blog! I love Vikki Vi, and wear it every day! My closet is a cool rainbow of colors, some outfits more than 20 years old (this helps my budget, but doesn’t help Plus By Design’s bottom-line profit!). One of the many things I love about Vikki Vi is that I can wear an outfit to a jobsite and not worry about getting covered with drywall dust, etc. —even paint! They’re comfortable, year-round appropriate, and they pack easily for traveling.

I get so many compliments on the outfits - especially the bright blues, greens, and purples - it’s fun to mix and match them! I have told many people about Plus By Design.

Finally, I appreciate the great service I’ve gotten over the years from Plus By Design. Danielle and her staff respond quickly. Can’t remember ever having a problem with anything I’ve ordered.
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