The Guide to Being a Plus Size Wedding Guest (or MOB)

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 5 comments

I used to think that buying a dress that I'd probably never wear again was a requirement for attending a wedding. How else will the bride know how happy I am for her? It would be rude to show up in a dress I'd worn before. It's one of those things that seemed absolutely true until I realized how ridiculous it is. 

At my own wedding, I barely noticed what the guests were wearing. All I cared about was that they were there. I was an especially laid back bride, but I have to assume that most of them don't really pay attention to what everyone else is wearing. Some brides may have definite opinions on what the Mother of the Bride or the Mother of the Groom wear, and others (like me) just want the moms to wear something they like. 

Go With a Classic

red plus size maxi tank dressYou may still feel the need to wear something new to a wedding. It does feel a little less special to wear a dress you've been wearing for months. Though I won't tell anyone if you just dive into your closet for an outfit.

The key is to wear something in a classic style that you can wear again and again. Vikki Vi's Maxi Tank Dress with a matching Kimono Jacket makes a stunning outfit that's perfect for attending a wedding. Mothers of the Bride or Groom may want to add some glitz in the form of fabulous jewelry. Later, you can wear the dress on its own, with the Kimono Jacket, a Shawl Collar Jacket or even a contrasting Blazer

Several customers have told us that their Mother of the Bride outfits were Vikki Vi classics - their outfits looked great in photos and were a much better investment than a fluffy or beaded dress.

If you wear a different size on the top and bottom, just substitute a Straight Maxi Skirt and Sleeveless Shell

Photo Time

red plus size kimono jacketIf you're going to a wedding, you'll be posing for photos. Not in the wedding party? You're still having several cameras pointed at you over the course of the event. These photos are going to show up on social media, in the bride and groom's wedding album, and in picture frames on the mantel.

Obviously, you want to look your best at photo time. It's all about the posture. Resist the temptation to lean into other people in an effort to fit more people in the photo. If someone in the photo is sitting, don't lean down to get your face close to theirs. I don't know about you, but my double chin is much more likely to make an appearance when I don't stand up straight. Stand tall and you'll look elegant. 

Food Shaming

Anyone who comments on what you're eating at any catered event is a monster. Teams of chefs worked hard to make those hors d'oeuvres a reality. The bride and groom selected each dish. Someone is paying a fortune for it all. If anyone comes up to you and asks if you really need to be eating that crab puff, you have my permission to answer "yes!" and shove the whole thing into your mouth. 

Food shaming is about the person speaking, not the person eating. Don't let it keep you from the cheese tray.

Have Fun

Wedding are such big events that it's easy to forget that you're supposed to be having a good time. You're wearing the perfect outfit, you know you'll look fabulous in all the photos, and you get wedding cake at the end. Relax and enjoy the party.

Building a Work Uniform That Doesn't Get Boring

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 0 comments

A work uniform makes it easy to get dressed in the morning, but it sounds like the most boring thing in the world. How can anyone suggest I wear the same thing every weekday when there are so many different things I could be wearing? Will no one think of all the cute tops just waiting to see the outside of my closet?

Kidding aside, a work uniform is super convenient. You have enough to deal with in the morning without having to put together a new outfit. And if you're the type to plan your outfits before bed, you're a better woman than I am.

It sounds dull as all get out - pants, shell, jacket. Every day. Yawn. But it doesn't have to be.

Build Variety Into Your Uniform

Plus size separatesYou can always vary the color of the pants and shell, but jackets are where you really get to enjoy some variety.

In the Black Collection alone, you can choose the Shawl Collar Jacket, Swing Cardigan, Blazer, 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan, One Button Jacket, Kimono Jacket, Long Kimono Jacket, Swing Jacket, and Kimono Duster

That's a lot of variety right there. Then add different color jackets and prints, and you could go a long time without repeating an outfit. 

An important piece of the puzzle is planning to vary your outfits instead of wearing the same combination over and over again. Yes, you like how Deep Emerald pants look with a matching jacket, but you'll get bored wearing your favorites over and over. 

Create a Routine

plus size workwearHold up- the whole work uniform thing is about not having to plan ahead. The trick is making it easy for yourself. You can build variety into your work uniform by changing the way you put your clothes away. I'm not suggesting you reorganize your closets. That's a huge job. But maybe just a minor reshuffle. 

My closet has everything sorted by type. Dresses, then jackets, then tops (including shells). Pants go in a drawer because I just don't have that much closet space. What I'm suggesting will work better if you do the same, but you do you.

To create an endless variety of outfits, all you have to do is reach for the shell and jacket that are farthest on the right. Make sure the colors go well together, of course, but you get the idea. Then when you put your clothes away, hang them on the left side of the section. So the jackets you haven't worn in a week or two will be on the far right, waiting to be worn.

As long as you don't have the same number of shells and jackets, you should be able to mix and match without thinking about it. Overachievers can plan out combinations in advance, possibly using an app like Stylebook.

Keep Building

Every now and then, buy a new piece to add to the mix. New colors and prints can make a big difference. Depending on your job, you may even be able to add sheer toppers to your work uniform. Add skirts to your uniform and you have even more variety. 

Before you know it, you'll be creating lots of fabulous outfits without having to spend a lot of time thinking about it. That's what effortless style is all about.

Why Are You So Dressed Up?

Posted on May 10, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 2 comments

I dress to stand out - bright colors, bold accessories, aggressively red lipstick with a handbag to match. Yet I still worry about not fitting in. I'm often the dressiest person in the room and I wonder if that sets me apart from my friends and family.

Of course, everyone is paying much more attention to themselves than what Aunt Jen is wearing. But wearing a dress in a sea of sports jerseys is a bit alienating. Especially when someone mentions it. 

Hey wait - I just said that people think about themselves more than me. See, that's the thing. The question or comment is always more about the speaker than it is about me. 

What They're Really Saying

plus size leggings and top"Why Are You So Dressed Up?" can mean a lot of things. They could just be wondering if I have plans later. Maybe they feel too dressed down next to me - which isn't something that requires me to change my style. I'm not enduring the ordeal of jeans shopping to make someone else feel better.

They could be wondering why I'm such a non-conformist when they're not. Even though that's how non-conformity works.

Or it could be that annoying societal pastime - policing women's appearances. You know the type - a low neckline is considered vulgar, while a high neckline is too modest. These people's opinions don't matter. But let's be kind to them - they're so caught up in following rigid rules that they're probably not very happy.

It's a lot easier to deal with this question once I realize that I'm not about to be voted off the island for not wearing cargo shorts.

Snappy Comebacks

plus size lbdI find it helps to have a few responses planned so that I don't get flustered.

"Oh this? It's machine washable." If you throw it in the washing machine, how dressy can it really be? Vikki Vi Classics are all machine washable because we want you to actually wear them instead of leaving them in a pile waiting to go to the dry cleaners. I won't tell anyone if you hang them to dry instead of laying them flat.

"You would not believe how comfortable this is!" Sure, Vikki Vi Pull On Pants can be dressy. But they're also ridiculously comfortable. They're elastic waist pants in a fabric that drapes and moves around your body. If you're going to curl up on the couch and catch up with your BFF, or sit on the floor and play with your new niece, you'll be much happier in these pants than in jeans or chinos. 

Why Isn't Everyone Dressed Up?

Why worry about dressing differently than other people? It would be boring if we all wore the same old combo of jeans and cotton tee, or leggings and hoodie. I'm going to keep dressing to please myself and let other people dress however they want to. 

Obviously, if you're cleaning out the garage, tending to a house of sick children, or heading to the gym you want to go with the oversized charity 5K t-shirt. But when you're just sitting around, talking and eating? Why would you dress down when we make it so comfortable to look nice?

Now go buy some ridiculously comfortable pants and put your feet up.

How to Have a Great Plus Size Date Night

Posted on May 02, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 0 comments

Do the words "date night" strike fear into your heart? Panic? Disappointment that your closet doesn't contain the right date night outfit? Me too.

On the bright side, I'm married so I'm pretty sure he'll call the next day. And if I were single, I've been around the block enough to know that dating is about deciding whether or not I like the other person and not about convincing them to like me. So date night is much less harrowing than it used to be. But the fashion challenges remain.

It's easy to find plus size va-va-voom outfits designed for women in their 20s and 30s. But bodycon was never my thing and shapewear doesn't exactly put me in the mood for love. 

And that mood is critical. We're all so busy and tired that date night can become Netflix and Doze Off Before You Chill. Which we already do on regular nights. The whole point of date night is to reconnect with your partner, whether you've been together 2 weeks or 20 years. 

Dress the Part

a lace duster is perfect for date nightIt's not easy to feel attractive when you're plus size. Big girls get plenty of (non-creepy) attention in the dating scene, but society likes to tell us otherwise. Add to that all the stress of eating out while plus size, and it's a miracle we bother with date night at all. 

As with anything else, the right outfit can put you the necessary mindset. You want an outfit that says, "the kids are at grandma's all night, but you still have to take me to dinner first." That's not just to send a message to your partner. It's to remind yourself that you're desirable. It's to make yourself feel like you deserve to be wined and dined. It's to remind you and your partner why they fell in love with you in the first place.

A duster or sheer topper can be just the thing for date night. That pop of color or texture adds some romance and allure to a dress or separates. Vikki Vi's Lace Gored Duster (pictured here) adds a touch of romance without being frilly.

Plan Ahead

date nightIf you don't plan in advance, you'll end up at the same old neighborhood restaurant, ordering the same exact meal as usual. Which is fine, but date night is supposed to be different. Break your routine. Pick a restaurant you'd like to try and make reservations a week in advance. Order movie tickets so you have something to look forward to.

The planning shouldn't stop there. Think up a few topics of conversation before the date so you won't just talk about work and the kids all evening. Even discussing the TV shows you watched together earlier in the week can help you connect more than venting about your work nemesis.

Don't Stop Dating

Dating is fun as long as you do it with the right person. When you've been in a relationship for a while, it's so easy to take each other for granted. Date night is all about reminding each other about everything that makes your relationship special.

If your budget can't handle a night on the town, you can still have date night on the cheap. If you usually eat dinner in front of the TV, simply eating at a table and talking to each other can help you reconnect. There's no reason why you can't dress up to eat in. 

The Instant Ego Boost You've Been Overlooking

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 2 comments

I get it. Even I have some shlumpy clothes for when I just can't deal anymore. It feels good to give myself a break. But it feels lousy to know I'm wearing clothes that I wouldn't wear out of the house. Especially when I decide to wear them outside anyway. It's just a quick trip to the supermarket after all. Where I'll be seen by dozens of people. Maybe even my PTA nemesis. Oops.

We all use fashion as armor when we go to work, or to a party. When we get home and it's time to relax, we remove our armor. Then we put on the most comfortable, yet ego destroying clothes we can find.

It only makes sense to leave the blazer behind when it's time to cook, clean, and curl up on the couch. Why risk stains and wrinkles? But doing the dishes is a far cry from cleaning out the garage, so those activities deserve different clothes.

Vikki Vi Classics can be casual as well as dressy.Honestly, we deserve different clothes for those activities. 

Style has become super casual lately. Yoga pants and hoodies have become the uniform of busy women everywhere. It looks cute. It makes you look like you're capable of blasting through all your errands with time to spare. But I'm not talking about saggy, baggy leggings and hoodies. There's a big difference between casual and sloppy.

Not that you owe it to the world to look put together and polished all the time. But maybe you owe it to yourself. 

Dressing down doesn't have to mean sloppy.The problem with dressing like it doesn't matter how you look is that it makes you feel like you don't matter. Like you've only been dressing nicely for other people. Like you don't deserve to look good just for yourself. When in reality, you deserve to wear a big, poofy ball gown because you're just that fabulous.

Of course, ball gowns are impractical and require way too much shapewear for every day. So we should find some middle ground.

Feel like wearing leggings? Vikki Vi Slim Leg Pants are the most polished leggings you can find. You won't have to worry about them becoming see through as they stretch over your curves - which is as comfortable as it gets.

Want to make your work outfit a bit more relaxed at the end of the day? Pull a Mister Rogers and trade your blazer for a Boyfriend Cardigan

In the mood for a t-shirt? Check out our Jersey Classics.

Running out to the store? Throw a sheer topper on over your jeans and t-shirt so you can be the most stylish person at the market.

What's the point?

Don't we ever get to take a break? Yes. Absolutely. I will fight for your right to wear that schlumpy charity 5K tee if that's what you feel like wearing.

But when life is dragging you down, and the kids won't settle down, and your spouse is stuck on a work call, and your cat is giving you attitude, you could really use an ego boost. And looking in the mirror while you're rocking stylish (yet casual and comfortable) clothes is a fast and easy way to do it.

Shop our New Arrivals - including jersey tunics that give you exactly the polished casual look you need.

Eating Out While Plus Size

Posted on April 18, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 1 comment

Eating in public while plus size can be challenging. In her debut novel, Good In Bed, Jennifer Weiner writes about the tension between what we want to eat, and what we'll let ourselves eat, and what we'll eat in public. So much yes. Yet we walk that tightrope and we still might be subtly (or overtly) shamed by our dining companions, servers, or people at other tables.

The whole thing is fraught with danger, but it's still worth it. Sharing a meal is a wonderful way to bond with friends. There's a primal power to the whole experience, whether you're lining up at the trendiest brunch spot or hitting up the neighborhood sandwich shop.

Like anything else, dining out will go more smoothly with a little advance strategizing. 

Do Your Research

Armless chairs are a plus size woman's best friendYou probably already check online reviews before going to a restaurant for the first time. Sites that solicit reviews from the general public aren't very useful when you're trying to find out if a place is worth going to. But those sites are full of useful photos. Sure, it's nice to see how the food looks, but you can also check out the seating situation.

See if the chairs have arms that might dig into your hips, or if the booths are so small that they'll dig into your stomach. The time to find out if a restaurant has a comfortable seat for you is before you make the reservation.

While you're doing your research, go ahead and check out the restaurant's menu. Deciding what you want to order in advance is an old dieter's trick, but it can be useful even when you're not on a restricted diet. You can decide what you'd like to try away from the clamor and stress of the restaurant. Maybe you'll be too busy chatting to read the menu, or you might get distracted by your old friend (and mine), social anxiety. Or maybe the print will be too small and the restaurant too dark to read the menu (what is up with that?!).

Dress the Part

Dressing up makes eating out more pleasantJust like in the office or on an airplane, dressing nicely can get you that extra bit of respect. It's not fair, but at least Vikki Vi Classics make dressing up comfortable. Those elastic waist Pull on Pants? Perfect for eating a big meal while looking so posh and stylish that no one would dare look at you sideways.

That walk from the hostess station to your table can be nerve wracking (so many things to bump into) or confidence boosting. A great outfit can turn my "oh no, everyone is looking at me!" into "darn tootin' everyone is looking at me!"

Stop Caring About What Other People Think

The reality of the situation is that some people are jerks. You can eat out, order yourself the lowest calorie thing on the menu and still get snickered at. Because some people are the absolute worst. And that has nothing to do with you.

Simply existing and eating in public while plus size is a form of activism - albeit one you didn't choose and can't avoid. You can order in because society doesn't treat you properly, or you can treat yourself to a meal out and take a tiny step towards making the world a kinder place. Visibility matters and you deserve the whole experience from appetizers to dessert.

Check out our New Arrivals - some of which are just perfect for eating out.

Style Tips for the Bootylicious

Posted on April 11, 2017 by Jen Anderson | 0 comments

I'm a firm believer in dressing for your body - not because you have parts that need to be camouflaged, but because it's just so much more comfortable to wear clothes that fit properly. Trying to shove my pear hips into a narrow skirt just doesn't give me enough room to move.

When something doesn't fit me quite right, it's so tempting to blame my body instead of the clothes. If only I weren't shaped like this, that dress would be coming home with me. In reality, that dress is like a cute guy who just isn't right for me. I'm so much better off not trying to force things.

Whether you have wide, womanly hips like me or an ample booty like other pear shaped women, you know how frustrating it can be when clothes ride up or pull across that spot. I got some tips from Monica, our fabulous stylist and model (who you should totally be following on Instagram) that should make our pear shaped lives a bit easier.

Pick Clothes That Make Room for Your Booty

separates are perfect for pear shaped womenIf you're bootylicious, separates are your best friend. There's nothing wrong with wearing different sizes on the bottom and top. No one is looking at your size tags, so if you need to go up one or two sizes on the bottom just do it. Matching separates give you the same look as a dress without needing to be altered. 

Jackets like the Swing Cardigan are cut to be wider around the hips and rear, so they're more likely to lay flat. Your results may vary - we don't all have the same waist to hip ratio, so a cardi like this may still not lay the way you'd like. In that case, Monica says you just shouldn't cover your hips or tush with a top or jacket. Pick tops that hit you at the high hip, like the one Monica is wearing in this picture. 

If you're tall like Monica, then something like Vikki Vi's 3/4 Sleeve Top will end at your high hip. If you're shorter, you may want to get the top shortened by a tailor or pick a different top. Measure a top that hits you in the right spot so you'll know what length to look for. 

Don't Overlook the Details

Sheer toppers fit pear shaped bodies wellTops made from light, floaty material will hang better on a bootylicious body. Jackets like our sheer toppers are made to sit farther away from the body than jackets made from heavier material. That means they won't be too tight across your rear.

Or look for tops and jackets with shoulder pads - the fabric will hang from the shoulder pads, far enough away from your body that your hips will have more room.

A statement necklace is always a good choice. If you're self conscious about your hips, a bold necklace will divert people's attention up and away from that spot. I'm always in favor of drawing attention up towards your lovely face and your mouth which is saying all sorts of witty, brilliant things. Great shoes are another great attention-getter and they're so much fun to wear.

Love Thy Booty

Your body doesn't have to be a source of aggravation. And neither does clothes shopping. It's just like dating - it's a lot more fun when you know what you're really looking for. 

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