How to Wear a Plus Size Duster

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How to Wear a Plus Size Duster

Duster - it just sounds so cool. With all love and respect to Wild West-style dusters, there are so many great dusters that are way too nice to go anywhere near a dusty trail. OK, but what exactly is a duster? How do I fit them into my wardrobe? Should I even bother? You know I have answers.


woman wearing a green print cocoon duster jacker

Dusters are long, loose-fitting, lightweight jackets. They're meant to be worn open to accentuate the relaxed fit. The fit makes them an ideal piece for plus size women - especially if you're ordering online. They can absolutely be too big or too small for you, but you've got a lot of wiggle room.

For Me?

You can't be too tall or too short to wear a duster. And I'm not just saying that to be all "you do you." Dusters are elegant as all get out. If you're petite, a duster can elongate your outfit - it won't fool anyone into thinking you're 5'8", but it may keep people from calling you Aunt Shorty. If you're tall or average height, then a duster emphasizes your height in a way that makes you positively statuesque.

As for body shape - the duster's relaxed fit means that it won't pull across your hips or tummy. A duster's silhouette won't fight with your shape, no matter what it is.

woman wearing a black duster jacket

Why bother?

Dusters are the mike drop of style. If you want to remind everyone that you're the most fashionable gal in the office, a duster will do the trick. It you need to up your style game, throw on a duster. They make any outfit more dramatic.

What Should I Wear With a Duster?

Dusters are all about proportion. I'm not crazy about outfits where the duster is the longest thing you're wearing - that gives it an outerwear look which is fine but makes you look like you're not going to be staying long. 

Wear them with pants and a top, or a dress that's at least two inches longer than the duster. Because of the loose fit, dusters work well with straight skirts, but A-Line skirts may be too voluminous. You'd look and feel like you're drowning in fabric.

woman wearing a long red swing vest over a black dress

OK, But Which Duster?  

We've got quite a few dusters in stock at the moment. They show up in our classic collections and we often carry dusters from other brands. (Pro tip for petites - a long jackets like the Long Kimono Jacket will fit you like a duster.)

We've just gotten in some cocoon style dusters which are more voluminous than the average duster. The style and cut makes the fabric drape in a structured yet relaxed way. We also have a couple of duster length swing vests that are beyond fabulous.

You don't want to go too far outside of your comfort zone when selecting a statement piece - which a duster definitely is. If you like understated looks, then a solid duster is a great choice. If you're bolder, then go for a print.

 OK, You've Convinced Me. But Where Can I Wear a Duster?  

Dusters are perfect for parties and date nights. Some dusters are work-appropriate, though it may depend more on the workplace than the duster. Some dusters can be downright casual, especially if you wear them over jeans.

I wouldn't wear one to a job interview outside of the fashion industry. Job interviews call for more conservative, understated clothes than usual so you should avoid anything flashy. I wouldn't wear a duster to a Little League game. OK, who am I kidding? I would totally do that. But you probably don't enjoy sticking out like a sore thumb as much as I do.

Have Some Fun

Dusters are just fun to wear. So play around to see how you can fit a duster into your wardrobe. (And send us pix!)

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