Why Plus Size Caftans Are Still Sweeping The Nation

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Why Plus Size Caftans Are Still Sweeping The Nation

If you own a caftan, you already know why they've recently become popular. Actually, you've probably been wondering when everyone else was going to catch on. The rest of you have visions of Mrs. Roper's 1970s caftans dancing in your head and you're wondering how they could possibly be back in style.

What Happened?

Widespread working from home happened. Women refused to wear their uncomfortable office wardrobes since they weren't leaving the house. (I sincerely hope that these same women have discovered comfortable, professional-looking clothes like Vikki Vi Classics.)

At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone staying in wore pajamas and yoga pants until the novelty wore off. Women started wanting to look nice while also not wearing pants. Caftans have been coming back into style for a while, so they were already available in modern fabrics and prints. Caftans were exactly what women were looking for.

woman wearing a print caftan
A Quick History Lesson

The caftans that were popular in the 1970s were...a lot. You could say the same for most of 1970s fashion. Loud, exuberant prints rendered in a polyester fabric that didn't wrinkle, but also didn't breathe - no wonder they went out of style. 

But caftans are classic for a good reason - they're extremely glamorous. Originally, caftans were extremely functional. Their voluminousness keeps air moving around the wearer's body, keeping them cool. No wonder they originated in hot climates way back before the invention of air conditioning. 


In the 1950s and 1960s, French designers started designing caftans for the rich and fabulous. Since then, caftans have had an air of luxury. Caftans are what you wear while luxuriating around the pool at your villa in the Italian countryside. You could be curled up on the couch, snacking on popcorn and watching TV, and you'll still feel (and look) like you're resting in the lap of luxury.

woman wearing a print caftan
21st Century Caftans

We've made a lot of advances in fabric. Today's polyester blends don't wrinkle like their ancestors, but they also breathe and drape like natural fibers. If the only caftans available were thrift store 1970s caftans, they wouldn't be Having A Moment now. 

Today's caftans are the perfect combination of style, comfort and easy care.


And now we have these fabulous Ralmtex kaftans. Both spellings are valid by the way, and we use a different spelling with the Ralmtex since they're so different from our jersey caftans. They're cut from the same pattern, but Ralmtex is a combination of high tech and comfy softness. Our Ralmtex kaftans help you regulate your body heat - especially useful during hot flashes or if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night overheated. 

I had a hot flash while wearing mine for the first time and I didn't even feel icky. And this is exactly the kind of fabric that'll keep nightsweats from waking you up. 

woman wearing a black kaftan
Plus Size Caftans?

Caftans are so voluminous that it may seem surprising that they come in different sizes. Vikki Vi Caftans come in one size, but that size is only appropriate for women who wear our sizes 0X - 4X. Someone who usually wears a size 10 would be overwhelmed in a plus size caftan. And a plus size woman might technically fit into a regular size caftan, but it would lack the glamorous volume of a larger caftan. 



woman wearing a polka dot caftan
Are Caftans Really Here to Stay?


I think so. Once you discover comfortable, stylish clothing why would you go back to anything else? As people have started going out into the world, women haven't seen any reason to pack away their caftans. They're not officewear of course, but caftans are great for running errands or a casual weekend outing. 

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I just discovered this brand and I now have 3 of the caftans, they make me feel so good.

I love caftans I have 24 of them ❤️

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