5 Things That Make Caring For Your Vikki VI Classics a Snap

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5 Things That Make Caring For Your Vikki VI Classics a Snap

Some customers tell us they've been wearing the same Vikki Vi Classics for decades. Not the same styles - the same exact pair of pants. Others say, "they're great but get too long after a while." What's the difference?

The annoying reality is that most of us don't know how to properly take care of our clothes. Because not all clothes need the same care. Different fabrics need different treatment and it goes beyond washing instructions.

Speaking of which, here's my post on caring for your Vikki Vi Classics. The short version is machine wash, lay flat to dry, and keep them away from hangers.


woman wearing a black plus size a line maxi dress
No hangers? Then how are you supposed to store them?


1. Hanging Shelf or Shoe Holder

The reason you shouldn't hang up your Vikki Vi Classics is that the material is knit. And knits get pulled down and stretched out by their own weight. You don't hang sweaters or t-shirts, so don't hang up your fancier knits.

Roll up your Vikki Vi Classics like you're going to pack them in a suitcase. If you  have dresser space, put your classics in a drawer. Marie Kondo's Konmari folding method also works well. 

The best way to store your Classics is in a hanging shelf unit or shoe organizer (the type that's just narrow shelves). Then come up with a system - pants on a lower shelf, tops on the top shelf, jackets and cardigans below that and dresses below that.

Since the pieces are rolled, it's a lot easier to pull out something from the middle of the pile than if they were folded.

woman wearing a carnation pink tunic

2. Mesh Laundry Bags

This is my secret weapon for keeping clothes out of the dryer. (I also put those clothes in a different hamper from the rest to make sure they make it into the bags in the first place.)

When moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, all the mesh bags get set aside and the contents get hung or laid flat to dry.

3. Stackable Sweater Dryers

The ones I have are made of square plastic frames and a mesh center. Why use these instead of just laying everything on towels on the floor? They allow air to get at both sides of the garment at once, so it dries more quickly. Since they stack, they have a much smaller footprint. Just place one towel on the floor under the stack to catch any drips.


woman wearing gold dust yellow separates
4. An Apron or Big Scarf


Yeah, I get it. You don't want to spoil your outfit by putting on an apron, but you know what else could ruin your Vikki Vi Classics? Food stains. (I conducted an experiment a while back on removing oily stains from Vikki Vi Classics - the results were encouraging, but sweat, perfume, etc. can complicate things considerably.)


If you eat at your desk, keep an apron at the office. Your colleagues may comment - until one of them spends the entire afternoon covered in marinara stains. Then they'll recognize your genius.

When eating out, wear a big scarf and rearrange it to cover your front. (Someday it will be common for women to tuck napkins into our collars but we're not there yet.) Let the scarf catch any drips. Ideally you'll do this with a hand washable scarf, but if you have to take it to the dry cleaner, it's still cheaper than destroying your Classics.

You can also use a stylish adult bib that looks like a scarf. I got mine here, but there are plenty of other sources.

travel sewing kit

5. A Travel Sewing Kit


Mishaps happen, usually when you're away from home. Most travel sewing kits come with thread in a very limited amount of colors. That's why we now carry the Stitched Up Travel Sewing Kit - it has thread in 12 colors. 

Just the Classics

All this applies to Vikki Vi Classics made from Slinky - a finely ribbed stretch knit fabric that's mostly made of acetate. Jersey Classics are also knit but you can hang them in the closet as they are made from much lighter weight polyester spandex fabric. But if space isn't an issue or you don't wear a particular piece on a weekly basis, then rolling them is going to be your best bet. Do keep your Jersey Classics out of the dryer because the spandex breaks down under heat and you start to see broken threads and a loss of elasticity.  Jersey is light enough that it can be hung to dry without stretching out.

Anything woven, like Sheer Toppers can be hung on hangers.

Now that you know how to care for them, go shop for more Classics.

Check out our other posts about caring for your Vikki Vi.


I love these clothes and have purchased them for 20 years. Because I’ve had knee and back surgeries I have lost about 3 inches in height. The petite pants are about 3 inches too long. (I still order them!) The fabric is a little slippery and can be somewhat challenging to hem. Should I sew hemming tape on the rough hem before hand sewing the actual hem? Or turn the hem over and press, or just hem the raw edge to the inside of the pant leg?

—Glee jnez,

I, too, found, MY, first VIKKI VI at NORDSTROM!
It, is so nice—now—though, to shop, ‘on-line’, at PLUS BY DESIGN;and, have items delivered-right-to-the-door!
I, wash the items with Tide (Original-Scent);in, the washer—Handwash-setting—lukewarm;and, I, hang-them-to-dry, using several hangers—per-item—so, the hangers assist with the weight. Example:
I, use five hangers for the long-column-dress—looped-through—so, it’s, almost-as-if the dress is lying flat;but, the air goes-through! I, use the shower-rod: or the slats in the canopy-bed;or, the laundry room rod. One, item, will dry in about five hours—or, overnight! If, I, need a piece more quickly, I, turn the portable fan-on! If, I want an item to stretch longer, I, use only one hanger!
However, it, takes about five washings—and hanging-dry—to get an item longer;so, I, ask, that, all items be offered-in, ‘Tall’;also—five inches longer in all lengths—including, jackets and dusters;please! :-) Thanks, ahead!!!
(I, wear the high-neck-long-column dresses everyday for work—as, a, jumper—with, a, white T-shirt underneath! One jumper lasts about three months—if, washed and worn everyday;based-on-past-results;as, I, couldn’t find PLUS BY DESIGN for awhile—and, I, was reduced-to, one—for, a, time !!! Thanks, VIKKI VI;and, PLUS BY DESIGN !!! This is the MILLENNIUM !!! I, am always amazed at the comfort of these items!
YAY !!! I, feel so elegant in them;too! Whether, I’M, formal, or at work, or, casual;or, even, mowing the lawn, I’M, in VIKKI VI !!! (I, always use a bib at home;but, if, I, am in pubic and spill, it, becomes, MY, gardening attire! I, love to garden;and, the air goes right through the fabric;so, I’M, cool and comfortable! Oh! And;I, always, use the natural and light colors when sailing—to, reflect the sun !!! I, shudder to think-of, what, I, would-do, without VIKKI VI— and, PLUS BY DESIGN !!! More power-to-YOU!

—Mary jan hansen,

Some of my 50+ Vikki Vi’s date back to 1997! (A little limp, but great for errands!) About an oily stain—guilty as charged—I never fail to get an oily stain after eating out! Try this: wet the spot, take some Woolite “Dark”on your fingertip, rub it in and rinse immediately, then blot between towels. I’ve used this technique many times and have removed the stain without damaging the color—or maybe I’m just lucky! Long live Vikki Vi!

—Pat barsse',

I started wearing Vikki Vi 20 years ago after seeing an ad in a hotel magazine in San Diego for a shop that has since closed. Living in Las Vegas until 7 years ago, I continued to purchase all clothes in San Diego or through Danielle. The quality is wonderful and I still have many outfits that are over 12 years old that look brand new. I used to dry clean them but now wash and lay to dry and have no problem. Wonderful to travel with.

—Lois rosenzweig,

Here’s is a quick trick if you are wearing some sort of jacket over a VV sleeveless shell or tunic and get a stain on the front of the shell or tunic when you are out. Go to the ladies room and turn the shell or tunic around. The stain is now on the back of the shell or tunic and that is now covered by the back of your jacket. So what if the neckline is a little higher or if you have a fashionable seam up the front of your shell? I have been doing this for years at work or out to dinner. This trick hasn’t failed me yet.

—Patricia crapo,

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