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Up Your Fashion Game: Scarves - Fashion Blog

It's not just you - we all tend to get dressed on autopilot. We're in a hurry in the morning. Who has time for accessories while trying to remember where they kicked off their shoes the night before? And when we do remember, we reach for the same necklace on our way out the door.

There's an easy way to look and feel stylish as all get out. Scarves. You know - those things you keep in your Dresser Drawer of Good Intentions. Those pretty things you're always buying (or receiving as gifts) and never getting around to wear.

Scarves add such a great pop of color and pattern to any outfit. They can bring your classics into the latest trend. Then when the trend comes around again (paisley, anyone?), the scarf is vintage and fabulous - unlike that trendy skirt that will be the wrong shape and length the next time around.

Tactic 1: Grab &Go

black outfit with hot pink scarf worn draped around the neckYou've been neglecting your scarves because you can't deal with tying them just so in the morning. So don't.

It's as easy as that. Just drape a scarf around your neck and decide that you're done.

A scarf worn like this adds a bold swath of color to a black Maxi Tank Dress and Long Kimono Jacket combo. It even leaves room for your usual necklace. 

This is what easy style is all about.

Tactic 2: Experiment

scarf wrapped around the neckYou probably already take a few moments to pull yourself together when you get to the office. Now that you're away from the chaos of home, you can put on makeup, take your vitamins, and tie your scarf (if you want to).

No need to fuss in front of the bathroom mirror for half an hour. We live in the age of You Tube, with instructional videos for everything you can imagine. My favorite shows 25 different ways to tie a scarf in four and a half minutes. Pick a few faves and then view the video for that specific style. 

There're really no wrong way to tie a scarf. Even your mistakes will look clever and chic.

Tactic 3: Cheat

Vikki Vi has several Cascading Hi Lo Scarf Jackets that do all the work for you. The contrasting fronts of these jackets cascade and flow just like a scarf draped around your neck. 

These jackets are oh-so practical. They save you from having to grab a scarf in the first place. No need to worry about a scarf slipping off your neck and getting lost. The cut of the fabric does all the work, so even the klutziest among us can have the look of a perfectly draped scarf.

Tactic 4: Stash 'em

Once you get the hang of wearing scarves, you just need to remember them in the morning rush.  Or you can leave a few here and there - in the car, in a desk drawer at work, tied to your purse. That way you'll always have a scarf handy for when you want to be effortlessly stylish.

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I am a scarf kind of girl. Love the looks and versatility of scarves on the canvas of VV! Chic.Total transformation at the drape of the scarf.

—Jo ann v. hunt,

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