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Let's Talk About Bras, Baby - Fashion Blog

If you're like me, you've neglected the girls from time to time. You've worn a bra long past the time it was doing any lifting. You've spent all day being stabbed by an underwire in an ill-fitting bra. Or you gave up on underwires even though bras without them make you look (gulp) matronly.

It's not our fault. We all know that if you want a bra that fits properly, you need to be measured every six months and try on a bunch until you find the right one. Yet department stores don't carry our size in stores. Most people don't have a lingerie boutique nearby. So we order online and either stick with something that sorta fits, or spend a fortune in return shipping until we get it right.

It's all such a hassle.

What's the point?

Your neck and back will be much happier with a bra that fits and works the way it should. Our plus size boobs weigh around 2 pounds each, yet our bodies aren't really built to support that weight. So our shoulders, necks and backs get dragged down, ruining our posture and causing pain. You'll look and feel better with the right bra.

Speaking of looks, your clothes will fit much more nicely if you're wearing the right bra. The proper amount of lift means that your waist is much more defined. Underwires give us a lovely, rounded shape that allows fabric to drape beautifully over our chests.

After getting my act together and getting myself to a lingerie boutique, I was amazed at how much better my neck felt and my clothes looked. So worth the effort.

You Can Do This!

Search online for a lingerie boutique near you. Nordstrom stores also carry a great selection.  It's really the best and easiest way to get this done. Experienced saleswomen will know which bras you should be trying. They can instantly tell if something is fitting properly. Yes, they'll join you in the dressing room. Just go with it. It's worth overcoming your shyness for the help getting in and out of the dang things (that new elastic sure is tight). And don't be afraid to scoop and swoop - it's the only way to get the girls properly situated. 

If you don't have a lingerie shop nearby, you're just going to have to do this online. Get out the measuring tape and figure out your size. Educate yourself since you won't have a helpful saleslady on your team. (Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Bras is an excellent place to start.) Also: if hot flashes or sweat are an issue, than moisture wicking bras and bra liners will rock your world.

Save yourself time and frustration by ordering a variety of bras in different sizes - your cup size may vary between brands. Try 'em on and return the duds. Once you find a few styles that work well with your body, you can just order them the next time.

You're Worth It

I know it's a hassle. And you have to repeat it every six months because bras wear out so much faster than seems fair. And no one even sees them! But they do affect how your clothes fit, so they're actually an important part of your outfit. Your neck will thank you and you'll like what you see in the mirror. So let's do this thing.

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I am fortunate enough to live across the river from Portland, OR. There is a lovely shop called The Pencil Test which is a lingerie shop specializing in plus sizes and hard to fit. There is a range of usual sizes, but the owner and staff are particularly strong in fitting larger breasts. No more straps cutting into shoulders, ribs or stuff blooping over. Great merchandise, very high quality. Not inexpensive, but worth it! Also, some very pretty stuff which is not usually the case with plus sized bras. Great service and stock. Sorry to everyone who doesn’t live in our area.

—M j richards,

I buy my bras at Nordstrom’s. They are great, expensive, but wonderful. Enjoyed the blog!


The web site On the home page there is a link in the menu bar located right under the search box. Atthe far left of that menu bar is a “brafit guide”. It takes some time to go through all the steps but at the end they recommend the best bra style for you. They recommended a Glamorise front close and a Playtex for me. I love both of them. This might help some of your readers. I live in a metro area of about a million people and there is no store with a decent selection of sizes and styles. I order both from at a decent price, too.

—Mary anne peeples,

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