The Plus Size Guide To Updating Your Wardrobe

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The Plus Size Guide To Updating Your Wardrobe

When you wear classic styles with enduring appeal you don't have to add new pieces to your wardrobe all the time. But that doesn't mean you can't. Even if your closet is brimming with the most perfectly, timelessly fabulous pieces, every wardrobe could use a breath of fresh air every now and then. The right additions can make you fall in love with your clothes all over again.

But you shouldn't just buy a bunch of stuff willy nilly. If a new piece doesn't work with anything else you own, you're not going to wear it. Admit it. That one neglected something just popped into your mind. For me it's a turquoise skirt that only goes with that one top I don't even own anymore, so I really need to do something about that which brings us to our main strategy:

Don't Shop For Yourself, Shop For Your Wardrobe

When we browse through clothes (online or in person), we look for things that speak to us. Something jumps out at us and we want it. We're consumed with desire and buy it without thinking about what it will be like when we get it home. (And now you're thinking about that one sweetheart who you brought home to meet your extended family only to to discover that not everyone in your life is going to get along. But that's a story for another day.)


woman wearing green floral jacket


Just like I should've figured out if that one boyfriend could manage not to be weird in front of my aunties BEFORE inviting him to that big family dinner, we need to think about how that adorable jacket is going to fit into our lives.  

Shopping for something specific can be ridiculously frustrating. But as long as it's not urgent, you don't have to keep looking until you're pulling out your well-coiffed hair. Make a list of what you need/want and just keep your eyes open. A shrug to wear with that dress, a second pair of stunning black pants, wide calf knee high boots - keep a list on your phone. Then when you open an email about a sale, you won't start clicking to see what's cute and cheap. You can go straight to the things you've been looking for.


woman wearing a sheer floral print jacket


But Keep An Open Mind  

You may discover a jacket that goes with half the things in your closet completely by accident. You may not need it, but if you like it and bring it home you'll get plenty of wear out of it. A little preparation can help here. Open the closet door, open the drawers and take some pictures with your phone. (Be sure to flag those photos as favorites so you can find them easily later.) That will save you from struggling to remember the exact shade of green that dress in your closet is.


woman wearing pink floral separates


And when it comes to matching prints to your Vikki Vi Classics, you can always contact us for advice.  

Have More Fun In Your Clothes

Wearing the same clothes week after week can get a bit stale. It's great that they're comfortable and work-appropriate and don't require a lot of thought. But wearing a new piece of clothing can give your mood a boost and make you look at all your clothes in a new light. 

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