Why Plus Size Women Should Wear Bright Colors

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Why Plus Size Women Should Wear Bright Colors - Fashion Blog

We've all been told not to wear bright colors. Which is ridiculous. The thinking behind this lousy advice is that subtle colors like black and gray make us look slimmer than bright colors that stand out. Which, no. That's not how that works.

Sure, wearing some drab shade that makes you fade into the background may make you look smaller because everyone's eyes just slide right over your dull outfit. But is that really the look you're going for?

The whole idea of women dressing to look smaller is insulting. You have every right to take up as much space as your body needs. You don't need to apologize for your existence by diminishing yourself in any way.


woman wearing red tunic
So often we're told that we're too much. Too loud, too dramatic, too pushy, too big. And somehow that makes us feel like we're not enough, so we hide our light hoping to gain the approval of people whose opinion is nonsense.


Living like that is exhausting. You are enough just as you are, and you're not too much. Dress like it. 

Stop holding yourself back and let yourself shine.  Draw all eyes towards yourself so that everyone can witness how amazing you are. Be as bright and loud and colorful as you want.

But It's Scary

Yeah, I know. I can be the life of the party until I realize that everyone is looking at me. Then the shyness hits and I shift attention to someone else so I can stop standing out. It's hard to stop hiding when you've been told to do exactly that your entire life.


woman wearing royal blue dress
But you don't have to start by wearing fire engine red from head to toe. You're probably already wearing some bright colors without thinking twice. A colorful shell under a black blazer doesn't seem like a big deal, right? A bright blue top with black pants is totally do-able.


If a Maxi Tank Dress in a bright color seems like too much for you, top it off with a black Kimono Jacket. Then try it with a sheer topper that shows more of that stunning blue.

But wait - wasn't I just bashing black? Not exactly. Black can be chic and sophisticated. It can be stunning by itself or mixed with colors. But it can also be soul destroying if you wear it thinking that it will make you look smaller. It's the difference between dressing to look OK and dressing to look fabulous. 


woman wearing hot pink tank
You've Got This


So many plus size women get into a fashion rut and they're afraid to get out of it. They've found a few styles and colors that look and feel good on their bodies and stick with them. Which is fine.

But you don't have to dress to fade into the background if you'd rather stand out. What's the worst thing that could happen? No one is going to point and laugh if you wear royal blue or cerise pink. People aren't going to throw rotten vegetables at you for wearing a blue jacket.

At worst, someone could make a catty comment. Their opinion doesn't matter, and you've survived worse. So why hold yourself back? Might as well dress in bright colors to show the world how dazzling you really are.

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Love &Appreciate the advice.
Thanks ❤


Hi! I’ve been a big girl most of my adult life, especially on top. And my closet is mostly full of bright colored clothing! Some basics to go with them for sure. But I really love colors!

Another great nugget of advice. I wear bright colors because they make me feel good and vibrant and happy and pretty ! Keep rocking the colors girls !
—Robin rampani,

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