What's Your Plus Size Style Personality?

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What's Your Plus Size Style Personality?

For the longest time, my signature look was It Fits. If something fit both my body and whatever arbitrary work or school dress code I was dealing with at the time, I wore it. Once we started getting actual options in the plus size world, I was able to discover my personal sense of style. Now my look is A Bit Much, a.k.a. I'm Not Overdressed, You're All Underdressed. 

Why? Part of it is fashion as intimidation. People don't comment on what I'm eating when I'm dressed more stylishly than they are. But it's mostly liberation. I have the option of looking fierce instead of merely being clothed. So why not look fabulous?


woman wearing a black and white polka dot tunic


Keep in mind that my vision of fabulous includes comfortable shoes, elastic waistbands, and makeup only when I have the time and energy.


I may be surrounded by people in jeans and sports jerseys, and if that's your look, you do you. But after years of having to wear boxy, oversized tops because nothing else fit, I'm just not going back.

Why Define Your Personal Style?

Fashion is what designers tell you to wear. Style is what you want to wear. You can follow the trends, or you can pick and choose which trends you actually like. There are plenty of standard styles to choose from: Preppy, Bohemian, Rocker, etc. But when you come up with a style that's unique to you, you can get creative without getting overwhelmed by options.

What's Your Personal Style?

Your personal style may be a combination of styles or trends. Here are few to get you thinking. 

Minimalists like clean, simple lines. They gravitate towards monochromatic outfits, often in neutral tones or subdued shades like Eucalyptus and Vintage Violet. Accessories are small and understated. She's the gal in head to toe Black, Gray, Brown, or Navy.


woman wearing a bright green print dress
Maximalists believe more is more. More accessories, more color, more oomph. She mixes and matches colors and prints. If she wears all one shade, it's something eye catching like Cerulean.


Suburban Wonder Women dress in comfortable, stylish basics. This is the woman who rules the PTA with an iron fist because that's the only way things get done around here. She goes for classic looks like twinsets (a cardigan over a matching shell), and the few pieces of jewelry she owns are high quality.

The Life of the Party is bold and fearless. She wears statement jackets on ordinary days, and she adores a good print. Her accessories are bold and fun. She walks into the room and everyone decides to make friends with her.

World Travelers may not get on the road as much as they'd like, but their style has international overtones. They dress practically when traveling for work or vacation, but dress like exotic birds at home. Her wardrobe is eclectic and bold. Her closet is full of Kimono Jackets and shawls in exotic prints.


woman wearing a turquoise dress and bohemian shawl
A Woman who's Too Cool For School looks like she used to date musicians until she decided they were too boring for her so then she started her own band. Or a magazine. Or a movie studio. She has several killer pairs of boots and a lot of great stories. She can rock a pair of leggings or jeans like nobody's business.


The Casual gal wants to put her feet up while still looking stylish. She's playful, laid back, and relatable. She likes caftans and crop pants. Her look is effortless - she's filled her closet with clothes she loves to wear, so looking fabulous really is no trouble at all.

The Boss look exudes confidence and competence. Her clothes are professional, classic, and tasteful. Everything fits well of course - she's as good at fashion as she is at everything else.

You Don't Have to Pick Just One

You may prefer to match the style to the occasion: Minimalist for a business networking event, Maximalist for a party. There a little chameleon in all of us. Comment to let me know what your personal style is.

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Thank you for this detailed information! This is some of the highest quality content I’ve ever come across….

—Yippie vibe,

I loved the choose your style article, and I chose, then got ready to look and buy. But then there was no place to click and be led to suggested garments under “maximalist” or “life of the party” , my two style preferences;so I was let down with nowhere to go. And I really wanted to buy the multicolored top on the model next to the style descriptions. So I clicked on that and was led to nothing but plain colored garments.(several of which I have already bought). You are missing a HUGE opportunity here to build a customer population and sell some clothes.;not to mention becoming a style leader for plus sizes. Please think this over – and if I can buy that multicolor top in 2X, email me and I will buy it.. K Maricle


I think if a woman is thinking about her style she’s already ahead of the game! Good blog, thanks Jen. Today I watched a very short woman walking out of a shop and she so easily put on something with a bit of polish! What’s the deal with sloppy and sloppier? Do you think plus size women just continually think that when they get thin they will then deserve a wardrobe? Plus by design/ Vicki Vi could really teach a woman how to dress using a capsule wardrobe like the French women do. I’m Size 3XP and 72. I get compliments on my appearance all the time.


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