Should Plus Size Women Wear Bright Colors?

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Should Plus Size Women Wear Bright Colors?

Yes. Class dismissed.

Just kidding. 

So many plus sized women think that dressing outside of their comfort zone is great - for other women. We'll cheer on our friends when they're considering baring their arms, or wearing a print for the first time in years. But when they return the favor, we think they're the wrongest wrong person who was ever wrong.

woman wearing a red dress

I understand the fear. We don't want to stand out. Because then people will notice us and some will judge us and...and...and that's when I run out of the energy to care what other people think of how I look. (I mean, hey if you think I look fabulous, then your opinion carries weight. If you don't think I have any business wearing whatever I'm wearing then your opinion doesn't matter to anyone but you.)

So why are we afraid to wear bright colors?

It's not just because they're attention getting. It's because we've been told over and over again that wearing dark colors will make us look slimmer. Putting aside the questionable merits of making ourselves appear smaller, this so-called style rule is a big, stinking lie.


woman wearing a dixie floral print tank
I have two fleece jackets - one red and one purple. I look like a big red blob in the red one and look like a normal human being in the purple one. But not because of the color. The purple jacket has waist shaping and the red one is boxy and a bit too big for me. The cut and the style is what can make you look bigger or smaller - not the color.


How can you start wearing bright colors?

Start with baby steps. If you're hesitant to wear bright colors, a brightly colored dress is going to stay in your closet. You'll take it out every week or so. Maybe you'll even try it on. And then you'll put it away because you'd rather go bungee jumping than go outside in head to toe Cerise.

Step 1: Start with a Sleeveless Shell. With a Black Blazer on top of it, the bright color won't dominate your outfit. Take a moment at the end of the day to congratulate yourself for going for it.


woman wearing tea garden floral print top
Step 2: Then move on to a jacket like the Swing Cardigan or Kimono Jacket. Wear it over a nice, safe neutral like Black that will ground the bright shade. If you don't get at least one compliment, you need better friends.


Step 3: Now you're ready for the bright dress. Slip on the Maxi Tank Dress and throw on a Black 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan. That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Step 4: And then you can move up to the big leagues. Wear that dress by itself, or with a matching jacket. Don't forget to breathe - you look fabulous.

Welcome to your new comfort zone.

If you're color shy, you won't get comfortable with wearing them overnight. Pace yourself. Do each step once a week for a month before moving on to the next step. By this time next year, you won't recognize your closet.

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