How We Create Our Collections

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How We Create Our Collections

You may have noticed that we're stocking more prints now than we did a few years ago. And more fabrics. Which can lead to some confusion - some longtime customers say they see no difference between the different fabrics while others notice right away and wonder if there's a difference in quality. All the fabrics we use are very well made - the difference is only in the weight of the material.

The Fabrics - A Semi-Scientific Comparison

I own Vikki Vi's T-Shirt Style Dress in 4 different fabrics, all in the same size. So I got out my kitchen scale and weighed them, so that you can get a better idea of how heavy each fabric is. (And because I find it mildly hilarious.)

Here's the results:

Slinky (our signature fabric) - 19.7 ounces

Silky - 13.7 ounces

Jersey - 13.1 ounces

Brushed Jersey - 9.5 ounces

The heavier the fabric, the warmer it will keep you. And vice versa. Many people who live in warmer climates like Florida, Texas, and Southern California don't want anything to do with our Classic Slinky. And those in colder areas might not want to wear jersey most of the year.  

maui floral print tank

The lighter fabrics aren't flimsier or lower quality than the heavier ones. Danielle has very high standards and wouldn't stock disposable clothing. Some of my jersey dresses haven't lost their looks after years of regular wear. I don't expect jersey to last 20+ years like slinky does, but based on my experience 10+ years seems likely. 

Slinky and Silky are ribbed knits, which gives them their weight and drape. This is why even though Silky is closer in actual weight to Jersey and Slinky, it looks and feels more like Slinky. Jersey and Brushed Jersey are flat knits. 

Our sheer toppers are made from woven fabric. Woven material doesn't stretch like knit fabrics do. You need to keep this in mind if your knit Vikki Vi tops stretch over your upper arms. You'll find the sleeves of woven tops too tight. 

Keep an eye on the product titles - they'll tell you which material we used for each specific garment.

If the product name is something like "Vikki Vi Classic Black Kimono Jacket", then it's made with Slinky. For Silky, Jersey, and Brushed Jersey, the product name will include those exact words, as in, "Vikki Vi Classic Jersey Black Kimono Jacket" Or "Vikki Vi Jersey Classic Black Kimono Jacket."

woman wearing a navy plaid print top

The Colors and Prints

We always have black and often have navy because they're extremely popular, and the fabric is always available. The other colors and the prints we stock are chosen from what's available at the moment. Danielle looks at the colors and prints she can choose from, and selects the ones she thinks you'll like. She's been doing this for over 20 years, so she's gotten to know what we do and don't like.

Prints are extremely subjective, which is why we tend to carry a variety (everything from florals to geometrics and from bold to subtle). We've had a few unexpected sensations, like the black and gold chain print that became our biggest seller ever. Luckily, we were able to order more of that print as well as some other chain prints. 

Our prints all use our jersey fabric because print slinky isn't readily available. 

woman wearing the madison print swing cardigan

Availability became a big issue during the pandemic when our longtime slinky supplier went out of business. We've since found another supplier, but we're unable to get a wide range of colors from them. If you're looking for hot pink, it's going to be Silky Slinky or Jersey. The Slinky we do get is in colors that are always in style like Royal Blue, and of course everyone's beloved Black.

We're sometimes able to get in a new solid and a bunch of prints that coordinate with it, such as navy and navy/ivory prints. If you're not confident in your mixing and matching skills, this can help. (As always, if you'd like our assistance in deciding which pieces to order, call us at 818-223-8853.)

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

But in a good way. We're still committed to making you look fabulous. Don't be scared off if one week's new prints and colors don't excite you. The next batch may be your favorite ever. Offering a wide variety means that we're not getting rid of any particular type of print - it just means you have more to choose from.

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What a great explanation, Jen. Thank you.

Every Vikki Vi product I have ever purchased has been of great quality, no matter the weight or design. I too, have pieces that are at least 20 years old. For summer, I love the jersey 3/4 sleeve tops that wash beautifully and look great time after time.

I am so grateful that I found Vikki Vi and Danielle so many years ago. For me, that means investing in a timeless, beautiful wardrobe that fits me perfectly. No more wasting money on fads and clothes that don’t last or don’t fit.

—Rosemary coates,

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