Plus Size Prints That Don't Look Like Tablecloths

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Plus Size Prints That Don't Look Like Tablecloths

We plus size women can be absolutely terrified of prints. We recently got a product review that sums it up perfectly:

Should I Wear a Black Dress with Flower Print?
I loved this dress when I first saw it on-line, but I waited 2 months before buying . Mainly because I thought a flower print would look like a tablecloth on me. Boy, was I wrong. The shaping of the dress, and the tropical colors on the black background are just beautiful. I feel really attractive in the dress, and I am so glad I bought it. - Debra

Everyone's taste in prints is quirky and unique. I used to work with a woman who was completely opposed to floral prints in all contexts - clothes, drapes, furniture, you name it. Some women are completely appalled at the sight of polka dots, but dotted prints have been a big seller around these parts. 

maui print dress

Still, we all seem to share this one furniture-related concern - that certain prints are going to make us look like we're wearing the curtains, or like we are a sofa. I'm not sure if this comes from the questionable upholstery choices of the 1980s and 90s. At least some of this is caused by the sheer and utter contempt that certain fashion designers have shown to plus size women.

Around 20 years ago, I read an article about the latest exercise trends were giving women muscular calves, necessitating wide-calf boots. A designer said that he'd rather design for women with fashionable bodies. A SHOE designer said that otherwise slender women were unfashionably built because they went to spin class. 

I cannot even with this. And neither can most people which is why this hostility is itself becoming unfashionable. 

zebra print duster jacket

For decades we were trained to blame ourselves for our lousy clothing options, when really the designers were at fault. Which actually simplifies the matter.

Instead of asking yourself if a certain print will make you look like you're wearing a tablecloth, ask yourself if that print was selected by someone who hates you. If you like a brand's clothes in solid colors, then their prints are probably well-selected. Every print from that brand may not be to your taste, but none of them will make you look hideous. 

So how can you tell?

Read the product descriptions - If they talk about hiding body parts, this may be a business that doesn't actually like their customers.

Look at the photos - If the model doesn't look like a sofa in that dress, you won't either. Even if you wear a larger size than what's on the model.

Look at the designer's other prints - If most of them make you say, "nope," that doesn't actually mean anything. Their current collection is using prints that you don't love, but their next collection might be different. And maybe there are some prints in their current collection that are right up your alley.

window pane print tank

I see this a lot in the comments on our Facebook ads. Someone doesn't like the print pictured and says something negative about the entire company. And I reply pointing out that we have other prints and even solids. All while biting back all sorts of snarky comebacks. On occasion, one of you lovely women will reply to these comments and I am SO there for the drama. 

We carry a wide variety of prints precisely because they're so subjective. But Danielle has excellent taste and wants you to look fabulous, so you can trust that we won't have you looking like the furniture.

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I love bright blues, reds, purples. I also like small feminine prints. I don’t like large, flowered prints, big blocks, large zebrapr prints. I love most of your cloths and you can see from my purchasing history I prefer elegant.

—Anna miller,

I guess I wonder why we so often deny ourselves joy when we get dressed – just the fun of bright colors and flowers, for Heaven’s sake…I, long ago, realized that any time I see bright flowers on a black background, that dress has my name on it! I realized the same thing about red shoes…they speak to me and make me feel good – bring on bright, joyous, colorflu clothes – life’s too short to always be monochrome.

—Peggy m outon,

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