Plus Size Problem Solvers

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Plus Size Problem Solvers

The world isn't designed for plus size bodies. Most of the time, we can meet these problems with a gutsy attitude and a fabulous outfit. Other problems require a different approach - but if you don't know about certain solutions, you're just stuck. And when you do find a solution, you want to tell everyone you know. Or write a blog post about it.

plus size bamboo loungewear Wide Calves, Tiny Socks

A few years ago, my doctor told me I needed to wear compression socks at least some of the time. So I went straight to the drug store and bought the largest pair they had. Theoretically, they should've fit. And they did. But the tops of the knee socks were so tight that they cut off my circulation. So I'd wear them for an hour here and there, but they just weren't working for me. So I gave up.

Until I discovered wide calf compression socks. They do what my doctor wants them to do, and they're comfortable enough that I can wear them. The best part? They come in dozens of fun patterns instead of nursing home beige like the ones from the drug store. I get mine from Support Plus but you can find other sources online.

plus size bamboo loungewear This Choker Is Choking Me

Necklace extenders are inexpensive and make it possible to wear necklaces that are designed for women with slender necks. But it's also useful to figure out how different length necklaces will fit us. There are diagrams all over the internet that show where different length necklaces will hit you - but only if you're smaller than plus size. When you're looking for a necklace that will hit you in a certain spot, you'll need to add 1-2 inches to the length to get it to fit you properly.

Like many women, I inherited my grandmother's pearls. Unfortunately, we're not talking about the grandmother who was built like I am. Grandma Lillian was slender in a way that I was never going to be. So her pearl necklace isn't even a choker on me. And pearls have a unique clasp so a regular necklace extender isn't going to cut it. But ya know what also has that same filigree clasp? Pearl bracelets. Attaching the necklace and bracelet to make one strand fits me quite nicely. And the filigree clasps are so pretty that I don't mind if they don't stay hidden behind my neck like they're supposed to.

plus size bamboo loungewearSome plus size clothing retailers carry plus size bracelets and rings. If you like to shop vintage, head for the men's rings. I like them because they're chunky, so they go nicely with my not-at-all slender fingers.

Everything Is Too Small

Umbrellas. Bathroom scales. Tape Measures. Did you know you could buy plus size versions of those things? Neither did I until we discovered They and Support Plus have quite a few products that can help with mobility issues. (As we all know, trouble walking (or whatever) can lead to decreased activity which can lead to weight gain.) Browse those sites and you may find solutions to problems you never dreamed you could solve so easily.

It's Not Just You

Some plus size problems can be isolating because we tend to think we're the problem. How could the companies that make the things all be wrong? But the truth is, plenty of business only design for average size people. Most of us are too short, too tall, too thin, or too big for certain one-size-does-not-fit-all items. There's nothing wrong with you.


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