The Enduring Appeal of Black

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The Enduring Appeal of Black

I love bright colors. And a stunning neutral takes my breath away. Charcoal, Light Taupe, Navy Blue - what's not to love? But there's one color I can't live without - Black. Some of you open your closet and gaze upon a sea of black. The rest of you have a few pieces of black clothing. And if you don't? Yikes! Pardon me, I mean don't worry because Auntie Jen is here to tell you about these oh so important must haves.

black plus size clothingBlack Pants

Every woman needs a pair of fabulous Black Pants. I'm talking about the kind that you could wear to a wedding reception, cocktail party, or another fancy happening. Black pants go with everything, so you can just grab a top (or a topper) and you're dressed. No shopping for months to find the perfect outfit to wear to your cousin's kid's graduation party.

But which black pants do you need in your life? That depends on the rest of your wardrobe. If you have plenty of Tunics and Toppers, then Pull On Pants or Slim Leg Pants are the right choice for you. That's because they'll balance out the volume your top brings to the party. We have Black Pull On Pants in Regular, Petite, and Tall - with or without pockets. If our Petite Pull On Pants are a bit too long on you, our Crop Pants may be the right length for you.

black plus size clothingIf you prefer tops that fit more closely than a tunic, or even tops that you tuck in, then Palazzo Pants should be your go to black pants. If you want something a bit tailored, then our Trousers or Bootcut Pants are for you.

Black Skirts

Maybe you're not really a pants gal. Or you just like to wear a skirt sometimes. A basic Black Skirt will be as versatile and stylish as pants. But again, which skirt?

We have three maxi skirts - an A-Line Maxi Skirt and 2 Straight Maxi Skirts (one with a back slit and one with a side slit). These are great basic wardrobe workhorses. If you're pear shaped, you'll be more comfortable in the A-Line Maxi Skirt because it gives your hips and thighs a little more room to move. Beyond that, any one is a solid choice.

black plus size clothingIf you like feminine touches that aren't too girly or frilly, the knee length Flip Skirt or midi length Trumpet Skirt is for you.   

Little Black Dress

The LBD is iconic because it's so versatile. You're picturing the Black Sleeveless Shift Dress right now because of Audrey Hepburn. But that's not the only LBD around. The Maxi Tank Dress, Jewel Neckline Maxi Dress and 3/4 Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dress are just as versatile as Audrey's. The T-Shirt Style Dress is fun and flirty.

No Wonder We Love It So

Black is just so reliable. It looks chic by itself and plays nicely with every color and print in your closet. The fabric we use for our Black Classics Collection doesn't fade - so you'll be wearing them for years.


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