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Improve Your Mood With Fashion - Read the Vikki Vi Fashion Blog

We all need little pick-me-ups to help us get through the day. If you're like me, most of your mood boosters are in your phone or on your desk. From where I'm sitting, I can see a Tina Fey action figure, a calculator shaped like a friendly robot, and a photo of Larry and Balki from Perfect Strangers. 

Looking at these things can take the edge of a bad mood, but they're not always enough. And it's not like every moment spent away from our desks is a sheer delight. For me, the one guaranteed mood lifter is fashion. 

woman wearing a mod print top
We all need a few pieces of clothing that cheer us up instantly. It helps if they're versatile, or if you have different pieces for work and play. The mood-improving clothes I wear to work are not the same things I wear to dinner with the family.


Merry and Bright

For some of us, wearing bright colors cheers us up instantly. I think it's a combination of the color itself and the joy of wearing it after years of being told to stick with dark colors. Bright colors aren't going to make you look bigger any more than wearing black is going to make you look smaller. (I am so over trying to take up less space.)

I'm going to lump prints in with bright solids here. Prints are equally eye-catching and often include bright colors.


Still don't believe that clothes can improve your mood? I dare you to scroll through our New Arrivals without finding at least one thing that makes you smile.


Comfort First

Back when I dressed to please my corporate overlords, most of my clothes were mood killers. My waistbands didn't have enough give for all the sitting down and standing up I did in a day. Blouses never seemed to get along with my chest. If you can bear to stand on the subway for an hour in professional-looking shoes, you're a stronger woman than I am.

These days, I work from home and can wear pajamas all day long. But I don't. I feel more motivated when I'm wearing something I could wear outside. I still want to be comfortable, which means jeans don't cut it. I like to slip on Vikki Vi Pull On Pants because they're as comfy as PJs and look nice enough to wear to meet clients. (If only I'd known about Vikki Vi during my days as a corporate drone.)


woman wearing a pink swirl dress
Dreams Come True


We all have an article of clothing that we're going to treat ourselves to someday. We can't justify the expense now, but maybe when we get a raise or hit a milestone birthday. The problem is that when our chance rolls around, we're so use to denying ourselves that we find another reason to put off the purchase. 

Just buy the thing. You'll enjoy it so much more if you don't spend months telling yourself you can't have it. Maybe you've been wanting knee-high boots. Or a coat that's meant to look good as much as it's supposed to keep you warm. Those jackets and toppers that take your breath away? Go for it.

Is It That Easy?

When it comes to ordinary bad moods - yes. Would I have continued my tech career if I'd been happier with my clothes? Nah. If you need to make a major life change, the right top isn't going to help. But it may give you the boost you need to actually make that change.

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