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Plus Size Guide to Prints - Vikki Vi Fashion Blog

If you're hesitant to wear prints, I get it. I used to be the same. I cringe whenever I think back to some of the prints that were in plus size clothing stores back in the 80s and 90s. Add to that all the nonsense advice about dressing to blend into the shadows in the hopes of looking thinner, and it's no wonder so many women stick with solid colors.

But prints are just so much fun to wear. If you want to confidently wear prints, you only need to figure out which ones are for you. 


Depending on your complexion, you look healthy and well rested in some colors and washed out in others. (If your veins are blue, Cool colors like blue and green are for you. If they're greenish, Warm colors like yellow, red, and orange are your friends.) But some prints include both warm and cool colors. So how do you know which ones are for you?


      woman wearing a pink swirl top
Most prints will be dominated by one color, or one type of color. If you look at a print as a whole and get the impression of warm colors, then consider it a warm print. 


One of my favorite things about prints is the way they make it possible to wear colors that aren't my best without making me look under the weather.


I have vague memories of reading some advice about this in a magazine decades back. Something about prints will small elements looking better on thin frames while plus size women should stick with larger prints. Or maybe it was the other way around.


    woman wearing a blue ocelot print jacket
The thing is that plus size women look fine in any print. Tiny flowers or big flowers - wear whatever appeals to you. It possible that thinner women with delicates frames really are overwhelmed by big, bold prints. That's their problem. 


Complementing Prints

When you wear print separates, you need to select other separates that go with that print. Even if you're wearing a print dress, you still need to pick the right shoes. 

Neutral colors work well with prints, of course. You can also pick one color from the print, but it does need to be the same shade. Otherwise your outfit will look just a little off.

Mixing Prints

This is where things get scary. What if I pick two prints that look awful together?!?!? Oh wait, it's just clothes. The worst that could happen is some catty jerks say mean things behind my back. Which probably already happens, so I'm not going to let that stop me.


woman wearing a modern floral print tunic
Vary proportions when mixing prints - a small print worn with a big print looks better than two of the same. And maybe vary the types of prints - striped pants with an abstract print top, for example. 


The only way to know for sure if two prints don't clash with each other is to look at them side by side and trust your instincts.

Trust Yourself

Prints are extremely subjective. You know what you like. If you see a print and it makes you sit up and take notice, then it's for you.

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I like that you provided details on how When wearing printed separates, you must choose additional separates that complement that print. The appropriate shoes must be chosen even if you are wearing a printed dress. My mother will find this useful as she plans her dress for their college reunion. I’ll be sure to share your advice with her because she has been concerned about what would fit and complement her body shape. Thanks!

—Elle jones,

When are you going to bring back the “Drape Front Jacket”…..In “BLACK”?


You are proving very good and relevant information….

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