The Instant Ego Boost You've Been Overlooking

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The Instant Ego Boost You've Been Overlooking

I get it. Even I have some shlumpy clothes for when I just can't deal anymore. It feels good to give myself a break. But it feels lousy to know I'm wearing clothes that I wouldn't wear out of the house. Especially when I decide to wear them outside anyway. It's just a quick trip to the supermarket after all. Where I'll be seen by dozens of people. Maybe even my worst frenemy. Oops.

We all use fashion as armor when we go to work, or to a party. When we get home and it's time to relax, we remove our armor. Then we put on the most comfortable, yet ego destroying clothes we can find.

It only makes sense to leave the blazer behind when it's time to cook, clean, and curl up on the couch. Why risk stains and wrinkles? But doing the dishes is a far cry from cleaning out the garage, so those activities deserve different clothes.


woman wearing a mirage print duster
Honestly, we deserve different clothes for those activities. 

Style has become super casual lately. Yoga pants and hoodies have become the uniform of busy women everywhere. It looks cute. It makes you look like you're capable of blasting through all your errands with time to spare. But I'm not talking about saggy, baggy leggings and hoodies. There's a big difference between casual and sloppy.

Not that you owe it to the world to look put together and polished all the time. But maybe you owe it to yourself. 



woman wearing a confetti pattern sheer topper

The problem with dressing like it doesn't matter how you look is that it makes you feel like you don't matter. Like you've only been dressing nicely for other people. Like you don't deserve to look good just for yourself. When in reality, you deserve to wear a big, poofy ball gown because you're just that fabulous.

Of course, ball gowns are impractical and require way too much shapewear for every day. So we should find some middle ground.

Feel like wearing leggings? Vikki Vi Slim Leg Pants are the most polished leggings you can find. You won't have to worry about them becoming see through as they stretch over your curves - which is as comfortable as it gets.

Feeling like pants are for chumps? A t-shirt style dress is fantastic for relaxing at home.

Need to remind yourself how absolutely amazing you are? Throw on a sheer topper or other fabulous top layer.

Remember, if it doesn't matter what you're wearing, then it doesn't matter if you're dressed nicely. 

woman wearing a black chain print jacket

What's the point?

Don't we ever get to take a break? Yes. Absolutely. I will fight for your right to wear that schlumpy charity 5K tee if that's what you feel like wearing.

But when life is dragging you down, and the kids won't settle down, and your spouse is stuck on a work call, and your cat is giving you attitude, you could really use an ego boost. And looking in the mirror while you're rocking stylish (yet casual and comfortable) clothes is a fast and easy way to do it.

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Loved today’s blog –needed the kick out of shlumps! THANKS! ?


Thank you! I really needed a good talking to in this area.❤


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