How to Make Sure You and Your Friends Don't Wear the Same Thing

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How to Make Sure You and Your Friends Don't Wear the Same Thing

There are two types of women - the ones who tell all their friends about their favorite places to shop, and the ones who tell no one so that they're the only one they know with that fabulous dress. We get it. It's kind of weird and stalkery when your friend buys the same exact outfit they saw you wear last week. But that doesn't mean you need to keep Vikki Vi a secret.

You're not just being paranoid. Showing up at a event wearing the same outfit as someone else is a real possibility. Recently, 6 women turned up to a wedding in Australia wearing the same exact dress. It was a total accident.

blue parsley and sage jacketYou know where they went wrong? They all went to the mall and bought something trendy. It's a nice dress, but that lace trimmed frock in a distinctive print is not something they'll be wearing again and again. Everyone is going to wear that dress while it's new and exciting, so of course it's not going to be unique.

That's not going to happen with Vikki Vi.

"But Jen," I can hear you say. "if my best friend and I both get the black Sleeveless Maxi Tank Dress and wear it again and again, eventually we'll wear it at the same time."

plus size ivory wrapYes and no. What makes a dress versatile is that it can stand on its own and then fade into the background when you wear something over it. Add a jacket, duster, or topper and your outfit becomes all about that top layer. You and your bestie can both show up in that dress and you'll look completely different. No one will even notice the dress that's the foundation of your outfit.

The only scenario you would need to worry about is the two of you showing up wearing the Maxi Tank Dress in the same color with no top layer. If that happens, the three of us are going to have a nice, long chat about proper accessorization strategies, as well as dressing for your shape and skin tone.

Toppers make an outfit unique.

Jenna Swing Sheer cardigan plus sizeOur toppers really stand out. So if you and a friend showed up wearing the same one, it would be noticeable. But there are so many different colors, styles, and prints to choose from that you're unlikely to select the same one that your friends have. You would have to have the same exact taste and skin tone for that to happen. In which case, you should just lean into it and coordinate your shopping efforts so you can borrow each other's clothes.

The more colorful your outfit is, the more likely it is to be unique.

Those Australian wedding guests all went with a black and white dress. Those neutral colors look good on anyone, which made the coincidence more likely. I know you love to wear black. It's chic, stylish, and looks good on you.

plus size rose romance sweater dusterBut when you branch out into different colors, you make it less likely that you and your friends will match. Red and Merlot both look good on women with warm undertones in their skin - but that doesn't mean you and your sister would pick the same shade. Each color has a different personality, a different mood. 

You can wear toppers over colors besides black.

When a dress or topper is neutral, you can mix and match with reckless abandon. If neither one is neutral, then you just need to exercise some judgement.

It's safe to let the secret out.

Vikki Vi Classics are meant to be mixed and matched. No two people are going to combine their clothes in exactly the same way. You and your colleague could both have closets full of our classics and still dress completely differently.

Shop Toppers now to make sure your outfits are always unique.

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