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Everyone loves classic books, movies and TV shows. Casablanca may not be your cup of tea, but there's no questioning that it's a great film. If you like movies, you've seen it. Because it's one of the basics. Yet when it comes to classic clothing, there can be some hate.

Sure, trends are fun. Who doesn't like the newest, shiniest thing? But for reasons I can't quite figure out, some women who like to follow the trends absolutely loathe classic styles. They won't touch a Little Black Dress unless it has at least three details that will make it out of style in a couple of years. Which is not what LBDs are supposed to be about.


woman wearing a black kimono duster
We use the word "classic," to describe our Vikki VI collections for a reason. They're always in style. You can let yourself fall in love with our classics because you'll be able to keep wearing them for years. The color, the cut, and the material are all designed to stand the test of time. They're the basic building blocks of your wardrobe.


How is that boring? 

It reminds me of another maligned favorite of mine - vanilla ice cream. A significant percentage of you just rolled your eyes because you wouldn't waste your time on plain vanilla. Not in a world where you can have rocky road ice cream instead.

But let me tell you what I love about vanilla ice cream - when it's done right, with real flecks of vanilla bean and real sugar, it's complex. It has depth. It's a revelation. And when you decide to pile on the fudge sauce, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries, the vanilla flavor doesn't fight with the taste of the toppings. Not like bubblegum ice cream would.


woman wearing a black maxi tank dress
Now consider Vikki Vi's 3/4 Sleeve A-Line Maxi Dress and Maxi Tank Dress. I'll admit they're hardly innovative. You've seen a million scoop necklines on plus size tops and dresses - because they keep an ample chest from looking like a ski slope. I love a scoop neckline. I refuse to get bored with any neckline that looks that good on me.


So why is this dress in my closet (or more likely in the laundry basket because I've just worn it)? It goes with every metaphorical maraschino cherry I own. Faux suede fringe vest? Check. Colorful toppers? Absolutely. That Pucci-inspired belt that clashes with everything else in my closet? It gets along great with this dress.

Every beloved but neglected accessory I own goes with this dress. And my Vikki Vi Pants, and Sleeveless Shell, and you get the idea.


woman wearing a black blazer
Basics go with every crazy trend or style we can throw at them. Or we can stick with more grounded, classic looks. You can't go wrong at the office in a pantsuit assembled from a Vikki Vi Blazer, Sleeveless Shell and Pants. 


Dinner with the in laws? You can't go wrong with a classic style. Job interview? Wearing classic styles make you look reliable and trustworthy. Lunch with friends on the same day you have a big client presentation and a PTA meeting? Only a classic can go to all those places.

Trends are all well and good, but I like having some basic pieces that I can rely on. 

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All the new outfits come with long flairy skirts I can’t wear that style only the straight skirt . Will you be making more straight skirts. Soon I’ll have to elsewhere for a good straight skirt. That would make me very said since I buy all my work Clothes from you. Mrs Gluck


I love your blog, Jen. It is so insightful for plus size women

—Rosemary coates,

I went from a couple of very early VV pieces in 1998 to a closet full now. As a Management Consultant I am on the road nearly every week. I can’t imagine how I would live without my VV classics. Always appropriate for business, easy to accessorize, and so fantastic for travel. They never wrinkle and always look professional.

—Rosemary coates,

Wearing vv thats over 15 y old mixed w new Solids always best. Just prefer v neck over scoop as more flattering. Prints more likely to outdate themselves except for animal prints tho have some non animal(have some old animals there too). My size changes but vv forgiving too. Wish more light weight ones dince climate change make 6 months of heat here in san antonio


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