5 Reasons Plus Size Crop Pants Are Having a Moment

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5 Reasons Plus Size Crop Pants Are Having a Moment

We love a good crop pant around here. Some style experts hate crop pants, but some style experts are super wrong. Regardless, women have been embracing crop pants. Well, actually they're just wearing them a lot. I have no idea if anyone has been literally hugging any of their clothes, but to each their own.

Anyway, let's talk about why everyone's been wearing crop pants.

1. Crop pants are cool

I'm not trying to peer pressure you here even though the cool kids are totally wearing crop pants. What I mean is that it's hot out, so you want to wear clothes that will help you keep cool. Crop pants' higher hemlines make them perfect for spring and summer.

So why not wear shorts?


woman wearing plus size crop pants
2. Crop pants don't cause chafing

Shorts sound like a good idea in warm weather. Until you actually wear them all day. Shorts end above your knee and easily ride up several inches higher than that. But they only ride up between your thighs, staying in place on your outer thighs. It looks sloppy and really draws the eye to your crotch/tummy area. And if your shorts ride up while you're walking around, your thighs are going to rub and chafe.


Since crop pants end below the knee, even on tall women, they keep your thighs covered and protected from chafing at all times.  

3. Crop pants don't really make you look shorter than you are.

The main argument against crop pants is that they allegedly make your legs look short, which makes you look shorter than you are. No clothing can really make you look taller or shorter.


woman wearing white plus size crop pants
But let's pretend for a moment that crop pants do make you look shorter. Do you really care about the opinion of someone who would glance at your ankles and think, "gee her legs are stumpy,"?


I'm the shortest person in my extended family by several inches. I used to make jokes at my own expense until a short lady told me that being short was nothing to be ashamed of. If you're short, just own it.

4. Crop pants are just modest enough

With some religious exceptions, crop pants are long enough to wear anywhere you'd wear pants. There are plenty of situations where you'd want to feel cool without showing a lot of skin. Speaking of which...

5. Crop pants are versatile.

It's easy to picture a casual outfit including crop pants. But they can also be quite dressy. You can easily wear crop pants to the office, or to a restaurant. With a Shell and a Jacket, crop pants are part of a smart summer suit. Worn with just a shell, they make for a lovely sightseeing outfit that you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear in a museum.


black and white polka dot print crop pants
We all just like wearing crop pants, OK?


They're super comfortable. They're cute. We don't have to defend our pants-related choices. If anyone gives you a hard time about wearing crop pants, I suggest telling them about the thigh chafing thing. That'll teach 'em.


Keep the crops coming! Crops are fun, flirty and for some of us, a true safety garment….You see, I am “down to earth” in more ways than being real/humble…..I remember the last time I caught my shoe on a full length pant leg….I slid on my wet garage floor and lucky for me “my ample soft center” saved me from breaking both wrists during the fall! I also have tripped going up a flight of those metal stairs by catching my pant hem on my shoe tip….No my pants were not too long….accidents just happen. Long ago I switched over to crops and now they remain the only pant length I wear unless it’s sub zero outside! I’ve been in a wheelchair for awhile now and it even makes a difference there. My front wheels never catch on my crops. Every so often on a cold winters day I am reminded that full length pants can be a magnet for my wheels and a hazard.
My crops are good for casual and classy outings and create comfort during hot weather. They stay out of my way, help to showcase a pair of pretty new shoes and give me the confidence I won’t get caught up in an awkward stance! Happy pants all around.

—Diane b,

I’m a big supporter of all of your clothes. However, the crop pants are too wide at the bottom making me look grumpy. Maybe a little more tapered or cups would help… Thanks

—Janie sigmon,

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