Why Plus Size Women Need a Personal Shopper

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Why Plus Size Women Need a Personal Shopper

Even you. Using the services of a personal shopper may sound expensive and only for fancy rich people, but it isn't. And it's not just for Fashionistas. Exactly the opposite. A personal shopper is for every woman who has ever stood in the middle of a department store overwhelmed by all the options, or walked out of a dressing room without a single thing worth purchasing. Personal shoppers are like fairy godmothers who just hand you exactly what you want.

plus size clothingWe all want to look great in comfortable clothing that fits well. Years ago, I decided to make that happen. So I studied several style guides, compiled a list of rules for dressing my body (A-line yes, straight skirt no, etc.), learned which designers made clothes I liked (and which ones did plus size), visited department stores I'd never ventured into before, spent hours in dressing rooms, and still ended up with clothes I didn't love thanks to my corporate overlords' dress code. 

You could do that. Or you could consult with a personal shopper who has the expertise to find exactly what you want.

What About Cost?

If you hire a freelance personal shopper, you're going to be shelling out a few hundred dollars. And if that's within your budget, the convenience is worth it. They'll help you go through your closet to see what you need, and then go shopping with you to make it all go smoothly.

plus size loungewearBut most department stores have personal shoppers who will work with customers for the low, low price of...remembering to make an appointment. 

Yes, really. Some stores have in-house personal shoppers who will work with you for free. These personal shoppers have the eye of a stylist and in-depth knowledge of that store's merchandise. The whole thing makes clothes shopping so much more pleasant.

We've Actually Been Doing This For Years

Customers call us for help figuring out what to buy and in what size. They even stop by our store in Los Angeles for an in house visit. You can also Contact Us for advice on which sizes to order.

plus size workwear Why Are We Reluctant To Use a Personal Shopper?

We're embarrassed to open up to a stranger. We'd rather spend an hour trying on clothes that we can't afford rather than saying, "that's not in my budget." And the thought of having to state all our fashion challenges out loud is terrifying.

I'll go first: I'm petite, short waisted, and pear shaped but with a tummy so I'm more of an Apple Pear. I don't wear high heels, but I also want to wear cute shoes so I'm looking for something that feels like an orthopedic sneaker but looks like a ballet flat. My personal style can best be described as A Bit Much. If you show me anything sporty, I will have a flashback to that summer my mother made me join a softball league and it did not go well. 

It's exhausting just to say all that, let alone find any clothes that fit the bill. And it would feel like a terrible imposition to lay all that on someone you've just met. But they're up to the challenge.

Give It a Try

We love talking to our customers. And we love talking about our clothes. So don't be shy.

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It’s great that you mentioned that personal shoppers are not only for fancy rich people, or fashionistas, they’re also quite beneficial for people who get overwhelmed buying clothes for themselves. My mom’s the type of girl who didn’t like to shop when she was young. She was content with hand-me-downs and cheap clothes she got from the vintage store. Now that she’s in her 60s and has gained some weight because of her medications, she needs some new clothes that would fit her. Perhaps we should get her a personal shopper so she wouldn’t have to choose clothes for herself and be overwhelmed over the number of choices on the internet. Thanks for this!

—Levi armstrong,

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