Why Are You So Dressed Up?

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Why Are You So Dressed Up?

I dress to stand out - bright colors, bold accessories, aggressively red lipstick with a handbag to match. Yet I still worry about not fitting in. I'm often the dressiest person in the room and I wonder if that sets me apart from my friends and family.

Of course, everyone is paying much more attention to themselves than what Aunt Jen is wearing. But wearing a dress in a sea of sports jerseys is a bit alienating. Especially when someone mentions it. 

Hey wait - I just said that people think about themselves more than me. See, that's the thing. The question or comment is always more about the speaker than it is about me. 

What They're Really Saying

woman wearing a black shirt and navy print skirt
"Why Are You So Dressed Up?" can mean a lot of things. They could just be wondering if I have plans later. Maybe they feel too dressed down next to me - which isn't something that requires me to change my style. I'm not enduring the ordeal of jeans shopping to make someone else feel better.

They could be wondering why I'm such a non-conformist when they're not. Even though that's how non-conformity works.

Or it could be that annoying societal pastime - policing women's appearances. You know the type - a low neckline is considered vulgar, while a high neckline is too modest. These people's opinions don't matter. But let's be kind to them - they're so caught up in following rigid rules that they're probably not very happy.

It's a lot easier to deal with this question once I realize that I'm not about to be voted off the island for not wearing cargo shorts.

Snappy Comebacks

woman wearing blush frame print top and jacket with jeans
I find it helps to have a few responses planned so that I don't get flustered.

"Oh this? It's machine washable." If you throw it in the washing machine, how dressy can it really be? Vikki Vi Classics are all machine washable because we want you to actually wear them instead of leaving them in a pile waiting to go to the dry cleaners. I won't tell anyone if you hang them to dry instead of laying them flat.

"You would not believe how comfortable this is!" Sure, Vikki Vi Pull On Pants can be dressy. But they're also ridiculously comfortable. They're elastic waist pants in a fabric that drapes and moves around your body. If you're going to curl up on the couch and catch up with your BFF, or sit on the floor and play with your new niece, you'll be much happier in these pants than in jeans or chinos. 

Why Isn't Everyone Dressed Up?

Why worry about dressing differently than other people? It would be boring if we all wore the same old combo of jeans and cotton tee, or leggings and hoodie. I'm going to keep dressing to please myself and let other people dress however they want to. 

Obviously, if you're cleaning out the garage, tending to a house of sick children, or heading to the gym you want to go with the oversized charity 5K t-shirt. But when you're just sitting around, talking and eating? Why would you dress down when we make it so comfortable to look nice?

Now go buy some ridiculously comfortable pants and put your feet up.

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Blessings! I personally dress to impress myself and at 66 years young I am grateful to have learned that l don’t need validation from people. My mother taught me that it is not how many clothes you have, just make sure that it’s the proper size made out of great material…Vikki V is consistent and both ageless and non seasonal. Invest in statement necklaces too your presence will always be a stunning.

—Liz ticer-burnet,

Really enjoyed this blog. I am always asked, "Why are you so dressed up?"I say, "I always dress this way"

—Frances rainbolt,

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