Wearing Scarves with Vikki Vi Classics

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Wearing Scarves with Vikki Vi Classics

I'm always talking about how accessories can change the look of our classics. That's a pretty generic statement, so I decided to mix things up this week and show you exactly what I'm talking about.

Some of you know the power of the scarf, but could use more ideas. Others have a drawer full of scarves that they keep forgetting to put on. And others aren't wise in the ways of accessories and keep meaning to read an article or something.

Buying Scarves

I have more than my share of solid colored scarves. You can't go wrong with a black scarf or a bright green one. But prints and patterns are where it's really at. Since a print includes multiple colors (selected by someone who knows about color theory), it will go with more colors, and therefore more outfits.

You'll still have to try a few different scarves from your collection to find the one that goes well with the rest of your outfit, so be sure to buy a few scarves that catch your eye to have on hand.

If you're not confident about combining colors and you have a few bucks to invest, treat yourself to a Missoni scarf. (They have an affordable line for outlet stores in addition to their sticker shock-inducing department store offerings.) Missoni is a design house that knows more about combining colors than pretty much anyone else. I have a scarf of theirs that includes purples, pinks and acid green (yes, really) and each shade plays nicely with the others. Because this scarf includes so many colors, it goes with just about anything.

Wearing Scarves

This isn't just a matter of different scarves creating different looks (though they do). The way you tie the scarf evokes a different mood, so you can get different looks with the same scarf. You Tube has plenty of videos that can teach you different ways to tie your scarves.

Now onto the pictures. No need to adjust your screen - I'm going with larger photos than usual so you can get a good look at what I'm talking about.

These next two looks use the same scarf. On the left, it's just hanging out there, creating a relaxed, "I woke up looking this good" feel. On the right, the scarf is tied in a simple knot. That small difference takes this outfit from laid back to straight laced, buttoned up, and ready to get things done.

amethyst purple plus size workwear    amethyst purple plus size clothing

Next up, we have an infinity scarf. Pro tip - you can turn any rectangular scarf into an infinity scarf by tying the ends together. An infinity scarf naturally drapes in a way that's Just So. It creates a look that says "I'm chic and fabulous."

amethyst purple plus size clothing

Next up, we have the trusty pashmina. On the left, it's draped over the shoulders so that it almost looks like a jacket or shrug. This is a cozy look and can be casual or dressy depending on the actual pashmina. On the right, the pashmina is purely ornamental - for now. This is a formal look because it shows off the dress while keeping you ready for overactive air conditioning in a restaurant or theater. If you get a chill, you can quickly switch to the cozy look.

amethyst purple plus size clothing    amethyst purple plus size clothing

Go Forth and Accessorize

This should've given you an idea of how to get more looks out of your Vikki Vi Classics. Tell us your fave way to wear a scarf in the comments.


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Thanks so much ! This is exactly what I needed and will help me change out and expand my wardrobe;especially when I travel ! You are inspiring Jen ! I am going to start experimenting with the scarves I have and start buying new one. I am treating myself to new Vicki V classics before vacation and won’t have to pack or cart around much else! Vicki V and a couple of scarves and I am set to go !❤️KH

—Kristy healy,

Thanks so much ! This is exactly what I needed and will help me change out and expand my wardrobe;especially when I travel ! You are inspiring Jen ! ❤️KH

—Kristy healy,

I have been a scarf fan and wearer for most of my professional life. A scarf sends a more polished and “thoughtful-about-how-I-look”message in a business setting. I am a Management Consultant, so image is very, very important. You can also buy silk scarves (they look the most professional) on Amazon. Most of these are light-weight silk from China –where silk is made, and come in a multitude of beautiful patterns and colors.

—Rosemary coates,

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