The Plus Size Guide to Lingerie Shopping

Posted on February 05, 2020 by Jen Anderson

What images come to mind when I mention plus size lingerie? Is it shapewear, utilitarian bras, and comfy flannel nightgowns? That's certainly how it used to be. If you've been to the mall lately, you may have noticed that some brands still won't even deign to carry a size XL. The stinkers. But things have changed and these days you have plenty of options - some of them are even at the mall.

Allegra in a red print tunicDon't Forget To Dress For Your Shape

Pretty underthings are pretty awful when they don't fit well. Don't think about how you'd look in a certain piece. Focus on how comfortable it is. High waisted panties and garter belts may work well with a tummy. Or they may be super uncomfortable on your middle, and you'd be happier in a baby doll or chemise.

Always check size charts when shopping online since sizes vary between brands.

Remember Your Emotional Comfort

I'm not saying that everyone should have some va-va-voom lingerie in their wardrobe. Taste is subjective. As you shop around, you're going to see some pieces that you think are tacky. And you'll see pieces that you absolutely love. Don't be scared off by a few pieces that are a bit much in your eyes. The same store or website will have some pieces that are more your style.

allegra in a pink topUnder Your Clothes

I love a good t-shirt bra as much as the next gal. But I'm certainly not opposed to wearing pretty underthings. You don't want any texture from your bra to show through your top. The acetate knit fabric we use in Vikki Vi Classics is heavy enough that this shouldn't be an issue. Our jersey knit is lighter, so you may not be able to wear all of your bras under your jersey clothes. 

Stretch lace may be less visible under your clothes than even a smooth cup bra. A quick look in the mirror will help you figure out which combinations work for you.

Wearing a pretty bra and panties can be a great mood booster. Don't forget bralettes. They're usually as pretty as they are comfortable. And they offer a bit of support when you can't stand to wear your bra for another moment. 

Sensual Sleepwear

A silky nightie is just so comfortable. It feels great against your skin and looks lovely. The same goes for pretty robes. Don't think of them as sometimes clothes.

And then we have lingerie that's meant to be worn in the bedroom but not to be slept in. You know what I mean. These pieces still need to be comfortable. Something itchy and ill fitting is not going to create the mood you're looking for.

Let's Talk Retailers

To some companies, "plus size lingerie" means "small frames/big boobs". A quick look at the website's size chart should let you know if it's worth checking out their offerings. 

We've curated a short list of companies that really do offer plus size lingerie that we think you'd like.

You're Worth It

You deserve to wear undies that put a smile on your face. It's just that simple.


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