The Beginner's Guide to Plus Size Statement Clothes

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Woman wearing a teal top and print jacket

Statement Clothes is one of those fashion-y phrases that can be a bit confusing. What are statement clothes? What's the statement? Is this even something I should be wearing? You've got questions and your Auntie Jen has answers.

So what are statement clothes?

A statement piece of clothing is eye catching (but not eye-searingly ugly). It's something that makes your breath catch when you see it. Even if you're not sure where you'll wear it, you still want it in your life. You could be a month overdue for a haircut, wearing no makeup, and operating on even less sleep than usual, but if you're wearing a statement piece, people will tell you that you look amazing.


woman wearing a statement jacket
What's the statement?


I look fabulous. I have amazing taste and style. I've really got it going on. Bow down before me, trembling with envy. OK that last one only applies to frenemies, but you know what I mean.

Are you seriously suggesting that I wear something eye-catching?

Darn tootin'! Yes, I mean you there hiding in the back. We've spent most of our lives being told to dress in a way that makes us look smaller. We're supposed to wear dark colors, fade into the background, hide our bulk in the shadows - I'm not even sure how that's supposed to work. And it actually doesn't.

Sure, wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose can make you look bigger. But nothing short of shapewear so tight that it cuts off your circulation will actually make you look thinner. Even if tricking people into thinking we're smaller was a worthy goal, it's impossible to achieve.

I'd rather look gorgeous than thin any day.


woman wearing a statement jacket
Where do you expect me to wear these statement clothes? I'm not going to art gallery openings every night, you know.


Oh good. Woman doesn't live on wine, cheese, and small talk alone. Statement pieces tend to be a jacket, cape, wrap or duster - a top layer that you can wear over just about anything. That means it can go to formal events or casual ones. You want specifics? I've got specifics.

- A party
- Work as long as your office isn't too corporate for that sort of thing.
- Every day while the jacket is a weather-appropriate top layer.
- Girls' Night Out
- Around the house when you've completely had it with everyone and everything and just need to look amazing.

How do I pick a statement piece?

The same way you do any other piece of clothing. You need to pay attention to cut and color. Statement clothes have to be dominated by colors that work well with your complexion. Otherwise, your skin will look a little off. If you have wide hips, you need to go with something with enough flare to it that it won't be tight across the middle.


woman wearing a statement jacket
Is it always a jacket?


Nah - there are bold tops and tunics and even pants that I'd count as statement clothes. And some statement pieces are strictly outerwear, like a raincoat or a winter coat. I recommend sticking to one statement piece per outfit, so they're not competing with each other for attention.

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I love this post!!!! I truly feel people treat you differently when you dress in a flattering way…and “making a statement” is, by its very nature, flattering because it shows that you are confident and proud and beautiful!

I just found your website and clothing line and I am ECSTATIC!!! For the first time in years, I’ve found clothes I know I will love!!!

Thanks so much!


Nice to read. So useful and informative tips. Thank you very much for advice and knowledge!!! Thanks for sharing!

—Melissa french,

Please give some of your amazing advice about wearing scarves with Vicki V as we live in them here in the northwest ❤️❤️❤️Thanks Jen for all your amazing posts !

—Kristy healy,

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