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Some fashion emergencies are really wardrobe malfunctions - a lost button, a broken strap, a loose hem. But sometimes you really need to look a lot more stylish with no warning. Remember - fashion is armor and sometimes you need to suit up and go into battle on the spur of the moment.

Maybe you have an unexpected parent-teacher meeting. Or a frenemy drops by without warning. Or you pull into the supermarket parking lot and recognize the car of your PTA nemesis. A last minute client meeting can pop up at any time.  

Is it petty to want to look your absolute best in a difficult situation? No. Not really. When you love how you feel and look in your clothes, it gives you a boost of confidence right when you need it. And if you're not worrying about your outfit (poor fit, an uncomfortable waistband), you have more attention to give to the task at hand. 

Find Your Fashion Armor

GREENSEWN CRINKLE ONYX DREAM KIMONO DUSTEROK, so you're doing dishes in jeans and a t-shirt that has seen better days. Even the most dedicated fashionistas dress appropriately to do housework. But then your catty sister-in-law calls to say she'll be dropping by 5 minutes. You don't have time to change your outfit and that seems like a bit much anyway.

So what do you do?

Throw on a Topper. A gorgeous jacket, duster, or sheer topper make any outfit look so much better. Even the sweats you threw on because you were planning on spending the whole day on the couch.

Toppers are just the thing when you want to make any outfit special. You wear them to parties, to meet clients, and to go out to dinner. So why not throw them on when you need to look fashionable in an instant?

Keep Your Armor Handy

DRESSORI JAPANESE CLOUDS SILK GEORGETTE TOPPERWe're always getting in new Toppers, so you'll sure to find several you love no matter what your taste is. Which is good because you're going to want to keep a few toppers around in different places in case of emergency. 

Just like you keep a fire extinguisher everywhere you might need one, you should keep your style secret weapons handy. A collection of silk georgette toppers doesn't do you any good if they're all in your closet. One in the office and one in your car should probably cover all bases when you're away from home.

TIANELLO LYCHEE MAJESTIC ZEN ROBEBut how can you pick one topper to keep in the office? How can you hope to pick something that goes with most of your outfits? 

Prints will give you the best chance of matching most of your outfits with one piece. Pick one that includes many of the colors you usually wear and the print will coordinate nicely with most of your wardrobe.

Toppers that cover most of your top (pretty much anything that isn't sheer) work over most outfits, regardless of color. Just so long as you stick with your usual colors. A Greensewn Turquoise Dream Kimono might not look right over a Red Sleeveless Shell because turquoise is a cool color and red a warm one. But one person won't look good in both colors. But that Turquoise topper would look good with greens, other blues, and purples because they're all cool colors.

You're Ready For Anything

Life throws all sorts of surprises at you. It's all a lot easier to take when your wardrobe can handle a crisis as well as you can.

Shop Toppers now.

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