Why Is Vikki Vi So Special?

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Why Is Vikki Vi So Special?

Every now and then I see a comment on one of our Facebook ads telling us we should change everything about ourselves to compete with the biggest companies in the plus size biz. Which is hilarious. Because being who we are has gotten us far, and we wouldn't betray our customers by getting rid of everything that makes us unique. 

The life lesson here is that you succeed by being yourself, and not by trying to appeal to everyone. 

You're with us because we have classic styles in long lasting fabrics. (There are plenty of other places you can turn to for disposable fast fashion.) You like that we can reorder a style and print that sells like hotcakes. You're happy that we're able to respond to requests for certain colors and styles. 

We like you right back because, well, why wouldn't we? You're all pretty awesome. And you look fabulous, if we do say so ourselves. 

Stylish clothes that are also comfortable? That can only come from a place of love. 

woman wearing a marble print t shirt style dress

The other day we got a wonderful email from a customer. At the risk of sounding smug, I'm going to share it here.

Dear Danielle,

Thank you for your kind messages. Between you and Leslie, I always feel SO valued!

Having been responsible for marketing in years past, as well as having worked in retail for decades once upon a time, your approach constantly inspires me. I sure wish other companies knew how to love up their customers so uniquely and sincerely as you all do.

I have loved everything I’ve purchased from you, and can’t wait for this next purchase to arrive. A friend of mine left me some Vikki Vi clothing when she passed away years back, and I was always so impressed with the comfort and quality. When I decided to get some new items in the past year, I’m so pleased that I found your company. You do business right and it’s great truly feeling like a valued customer, receiving the kind of personalized service that has all but vanished with most retailers over time.

Also, having had a generous employee discount during all those years in retail, I am a fierce bargain shopper. So whenever you have a special sale/coupon/discount going on, you’ll see me hopping aboard to round out my wardrobe, even though my closet is overflowing. 

BTW, you asked what you do right, and your customer service is outstanding. I also want to compliment you on the speed of communication and shipping. My orders always arrive super-fast, which is awesome, especially when I order something that I want to wear for a special event in the near future.

Please keep up the good work! I appreciate you all!


OK, can I just say how much I love that her friend bequeathed her Vikki Vi collection? I put so much energy into curating a fabulous wardrobe and like the idea that I'll be able to pass it on to someone who appreciates it.


woman wearing sparkle eggplant separates
(I'd never forgive myself if I didn't give you one word of warning about waiting for sales. If you see something that takes your breath away, don't wait for sales. We don't order styles in bulk, and sometimes when we sell out of something, we can't get more.) 


You know that feeling when you look in the mirror and really love how you look and you feel like all is right with the world? We want that for you. We want you to be comfortable, and confident, and gorgeous. And that's what makes us special.

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