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Some people reach for hot cocoa when it snows, but I reach for the pina colada mix (alcohol optional). A blizzard may be raging outside, but my brain is in Bermuda. Maybe you feel like joining me in my state of denial or maybe you're planning a real beach vacation. Either way, clothes are a crucial part of the equation.

Stay Classy

You don't want to walk around looking like a tourist - you want to dress like a traveler, a sophisticated woman who is exploring the world. With the right clothes, you can get this look without sacrificing comfort. In fact, you may be more comfortable than the people wearing khaki shorts with binding waistbands and cotton t-shirts that cling to every curve.

woman wearing a navy tribal print dress
You already know that wearing Vikki Vi Classics can make you feel like you're wearing pajamas while you look ready to conquer the business world. That polished look can work on a tropical vacation. Just skip the jacket, cardigan, or blazer for a more casual look.

Show Some Skin

Not more than you're comfortable with. I'm thrilled that so many women are embracing the plus size bikini, but I'm not going to be joining them. It's just not my thing. And considering how pale I am, my next swimsuit should probably have sleeves.

woman wearing a sheer topper over black separates
But off the beach, and walking around sightseeing and shopping, even I can be a little less concerned about sunburn. It's hot in the tropics, so you're going to want to stay cool. Loose fitting clothing will help you keep cool, but so will exposing yourself (tastefully). 

Consider wearing a Sleeveless Shell or Maxi Tank Dress without a top layer. If you're really opposed to showing off your upper arms, a Short Sleeve Tunic is the right choice for you. Or wear a Sheer Topper over something sleeveless. Crop pants can let you show a little leg, but not too much. A T-Shirt Style Dress uncovers your forearms and calves.

Go Sheer

woman wearing navy crop pants and a navy print jacket
At the beach, you can wear a Sheer Topper as a coverup. It's sheer, so don't skip the sunscreen. But it can keep you from feeling too exposed while you're going to and from the beach or pool. It's machine washable, so it's OK if you get some sand on it.

At the moment, we have a lot of sheer toppers in tropical colors. If you're stuck in the cold but want to be in a tropical state of mind, just wear one of these babies over a long or 3/4 sleeve top.

Shop Wisely

There comes a point in every tropical vacation where buying a straw handbag seems like a good idea. You see them in so many shops that it seems silly not to own one. But unless you're actually going to use it back home, you might want to get a souvenir that won't spend most of its time in the closet. (You know I'm going to suggest a scarf or some costume jewelry, right?)

But you can shop wisely even before you go. Start shopping long before you need to start packing.

It's A State of Mind

The whole point of a tropical vacation is to relax. So when you're going, pack clothes that you don't need to worry about. And when you come home, throw on your vacation wear whenever you need to dream of warmer climes.

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Thanks, for the great ideas, above!
I, wear a white-cotton, short-sleeved t-shirt—under, MY, long-maxi-dresses;for, a, casual look! Then, on, MY, head, I, wear a medium-brimed-straw hat, with a black-ribbon-banding! On, MY, feet, I, wear black Crocs! I, can go almost anywhere, in, that outfit! It, looks great with sunglasses;and, a, straw or black bag;too!
In, cooler weather, I, add a bright scarf and, a Vikki Vi solid-color—or, black duster!

—Jan hansen,

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