Plus Size Mother (and Grandmother) of the Bride Outfits

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Plus Size Mother (and Grandmother) of the Bride Outfits

You've heard me go on and on about how you don't have to buy a new outfit to attend a wedding. And if you're a civilian (aunt, cousin, etc.) at a specific wedding, that advice stands. But when you're the Mother of the Bride (MOB) or Grandmother of the Bride (GOB), you're going to be playing a part in the festivities. There will posed photos, and all eyes will be on you at some point. The same thing goes for the Mother of the Groom (MOG) and Grandmother of the Groom (GOG).

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Of course, women who wear Vikki Vi tend to have a closet full of fabulous clothes, so you may still not need to buy a new outfit. But you do need to put extra thought into your outfit. A MOB, GOB, MOG, or GOG dress needs to make you stand out without making you the center of attention. Think understated elegance.


The rule about not wearing white to weddings still stands. Even if the bride isn't wearing white. This ban applies to off-white, eggshell, ecru, very light tan, cream - you get the idea. It doesn't matter if the bride says it's OK, or if this is wedding with two grooms and no brides. White and almost-white really stand out in photos and the happy couple should be the focal point of every shot.

You should also avoid the wedding colors. Ask about the bridesmaid's dresses, the groomsmen's ties (and vests), and any other "official" color. You don't want to match any of those colors, and you also don't want to clash with them. If the bridesmaids are wearing lavender and you want to wear dark purple, go for it. But if your favorite color is lilac, you're going to have to pick something else because lilac is too close to lavender. 

Level of Fanciness/Formality

If the ceremony is taking place on the beach, in a meadow, or any laid-back totally chill location, you're going to have to leave the beads and sparkles home. But if we're talking about a formal affair, then fancy embellishments are appropriate. 

Allegra in a blue outfit
You should also check with the mother and grandmother of your kid's/grandkid's betrothed. There's that rule about how the bride's mom should be dressier than the groom's mom. Some people don't care about this, and others care very much. Use this as an opportunity to get to know your kid's future in-laws a little better. 


You can still wear clothes that you'll be able to wear elsewhere. For example, you could wear a solid dress, or skirt/shell combo, and top it with a print kimono jacket, sheer swing cardigan, or any other top layer that will make your outfit pop.

Later on, you can wear the pieces separately or even together. You've got plenty of experience mixing and matching classic styles. For the eye-catching jacket, you can use it to dress up anything from jeans and a top to a different classic dress.

The extra planning is worth it.

Just like with any other event, the whole reason you need to put a lot of thought into this outfit is so you can relax and enjoy yourself without giving your clothes a second thought. With all the planning that goes into weddings, we can easily forget that the event is really about love, and family, and having a good time. Once you've got your mother of the bride (or grandmother of the bride, or mother of the groom, or grandmother of the groom) outfit settled, you can step back and appreciate the occasion.

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