How To Be OK With Your Plus Size Body Shape

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How To Be OK With Your Plus Size Body Shape

I'm a firm believer in the power of not hating your own reflection. It frees up so much energy that it's truly transformative. But how do you get there? I can tell you all the reasons why there's nothing wrong with your body and you might still ignore me. You've got this idea in your head that there's something wrong with you and no one is going to tell you otherwise. Or maybe you just have too much on your plate to work on your self image. Or maybe you just don't know where to start.

woman wearing an animal print dress
Vikki Vi newbies may think that Vikki Vi Classics are all about hiding your body. They're not. Classics have a relaxed fit, but they're not baggy. The material skims over your curves instead of clinging to them because the fabrics we use have an inherent drape. They don't just hang there, so you'll never look like you're drowning in fabric.

Dress For Your Body Shape

The vast majority of women aren't hourglass shaped. But that's considered the ideal, which means the rest of us beat ourselves up for not being hourglasses. Because...society.

We've gone over this before. You may be pear shaped, apple shaped, and so on. Or you may be a combination. The point is that not every style is for your body. Pay very close attention to how I worded that. I didn't say that you're not able to wear every style, or that you can't pull of certain styles. Some styles aren't made with your body in mind. That's all. 

Allegra in chevron striped jacketIt's not that you're not good enough for sheath dresses (or whatever). It's just that the person who invented the sheath dress wasn't thinking of you when they did it. Think of it like dating - it's about finding the right fit. If you're really into line dancing, you're not a good match for someone who loathes country music. It isn't that you're not good enough for that person - you're just not a good match.

It's a lot easier to make peace with your body when your clothes aren't making you miserable.

Make Friends With Your Mirror

This is dorky and lame, and super effective. I really hate how much affirmations have helped me. It's undignified. Do it anyway. Dignity is overrated.

Allegra in Kenya print jacketEvery time you pass a mirror, look at yourself and say, "I love you." I'm still too embarrassed to say this out loud in the privacy of my own home, but saying it in my head helped my outlook after only a few weeks. You may need to tape notes to every mirror in your house so you don't forget, but that's OK. While you're at it, tape up some affirmations. I know, I know. Think of them as reminders. 

My favorite is, "Everyone makes mistakes, so why not you?" as sung by the great and wise Big Bird. You wouldn't beat someone else up for not having a size 6 hourglass shaped body, so why are giving yourself a hard time over it?

Make Friends With Yourself

Being OK with your body isn't going to fix your entire life. But it's a start. Your body issues may be at the root of everything else, or they could be the result of all your baggage. Lucky for us, there's therapy and self help books. Dressing for your shape will make you look better, but being at peace with yourself can make you look downright amazing.

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I AM an hourglass but a size 3X!! Not easy. Who wants to show off the small waist if it bulges out the hips!!?
Great blog and great clothes. The French women have an expression about a well dressed woman. “Bien en sa peau”. Comfortable in her own skin. Perfect huh?
I love the long lean line of Vikki Vi. I can’t imagine it doesn’t work for everyone!
Great blog!!

—Marla patterson,

I totally agree Jen and Danielle ! Wonderful blog and I am in the mood to try the long tank dress in an amazing color❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹

—Kristy healy,

I had to shout out to Jen for this wonderful blog today. This is so important for all to remember. It all starts with being OK with yourself today. We have coined a new tagline – Comfortable Confidence. It’s all about feeling good about yourself. Thanks Jen!

—Danielle malconian,

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