Chic Plus Size Minimalist Looks

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Chic Plus Size Minimalist Looks

Minimalist outfits are chic because they exude confidence. A woman who dresses in this style knows she doesn't need much to look wonderful. Mind you, I'm a maximalist. I'll pair outlandish costume jewelry with bold prints just to stay in and watch TV. But I don't dress that way because I think I need to. I just like to. The trick to making either of those looks work is intention.

Dashing out the front door without remembering (or bothering) to put on earrings and a necklace isn't minimalism. That has occasionally been my signature look in the past and I'd call it Not a Morning Person. Minimalism requires deliberate choice.


woman wearing white separates
What makes a look minimalist?


A minimalist outfit is understated. It doesn't draw attention to itself. It looks expensive because it requires good quality fabrics. Minimalist outfits are devoid of bright colors and eye-catching accessories, so the eye is drawn to the drape of the fabric.

A monochromatic outfit isn't necessarily minimalist. Head-to-toe primary colors or jewel tones really pack a visual punch. Bold colors bring a lot to the party, so they're not minimalist. The same goes for prints.

Minimalism means neutrals and colors that could be worn as a neutral Like a subdued shade of green). Black, White, Gray, Navy, and Brown are staples of minimalism. Incorporate other colors with a scarf or sleeveless shell under a jacket. Minimalist looks don't have to be monochromatic. Mixing two neutrals is still minimalist.


woman wearing a terracotta brown outfit
Minimalist Accessories


Minimalism means that it's time to bring out the real stuff. Or at least the stuff that looks real. Delicate chains, small hoop earrings, or pearls help to make a minimalist outfit look intentional. Fabulous fakes are perfectly fine here. (Confession time: I own two pearl necklaces and I can never tell which one was my grandmother's and which is fake.)

Your shoes and handbag should also be in neutral colors for a minimalist look. 

Building a Plus Size Minimalist Outfit

It can be challenging to find plus size clothes that work with minimalism because it's hard to find classic styles in plus sizes. When you don't know about Vikki Vi, I mean. Any of the pieces in our Slinky Classics Collections and Jersey Classics Collection work in a minimalist outfit. 


woman wearing white separates
Minimalism automatically conjures up images of the Maxi Tank Dress, Jewel Neckline Maxi Dress, and Short Shell Dress. But the A Line Maxi Dress and T-Shirt Style Dress also lend themselves to minimalism. And pantsuits are staples of minimalist dressing - I'm thinking Pull On Pants, Sleeveless Shell, and a Kimono Jacket or Swing Cardigan.


Why Minimalism?

For some women, minimalism fits their personality and sense of style. Their entire wardrobe is minimalist. For others, we like slipping into a minimalist outfit for certain situations. It depends on who you need to be today.

Because minimalism looks expensive, it can also bring an air of authority. You might want to dress this way to give a presentation, or ask for a raise. Catching up with some old frenemies? Can't avoid your ex? A minimalist outfit can convey that you're so over it all. 

Like with any other style, look at minimalist style rules as suggestions. No one is going to accost you with accusations of not wearing an adequately minimalist outfit. Style exists to serve you, not the other way around.

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