Age Appropriate Plus Size Clothing

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Age Appropriate Plus Size Clothing

What counts as age appropriate depends quite a bit on your personal style (and your actual age). You might think that age appropriate means avoiding loud patterns and bright colors. Or you might think the opposite (like I do). But there's definitely a certain quality that makes a garment age appropriate.

Forget The Trends

Not that we hit a certain age and are no longer allowed to wear trendy clothing. But age appropriate clothing transcends the trends. It's quite liberating. If you like to wear crop pants, you don't have to wait for them to become on trend. You can wear them anyway. You like polka dots? Then you wear polka dots! You like wearing jewel tones? You go ahead and wear jewel tones without checking to see if they're "in" this year.

You know what styles look good on you, and what your personal aesthetic is. So dress accordingly. Remember, fashion is what designers tell you to wear and style is what you want to wear.

woman wearing a houndstooth print blazer

Rely on Versatile, Timeless Classics

Even if your signature style is A Bit Much (like mine), classic clothing comes in handy. You see a fabulous sheer topper and wonder what you can wear with it. If you're me (which you aren't, but go with me here), you wear it over neutral slim leg pants and a matching shell. That's exactly what I wore to my mother's 80th birthday party last year.

If you're more into understated elegance, classic pieces are your best friend. Frills and such just don't fit into your image. You'd rather wear something unembellished so that you can add your own flourishes. 

To the uninitiated, some Vikki Vi Classics may seem a bit basic, but those in the know see the versatility our clothes have. Garments that go with just about anything let you dress as whoever you need to be on a particular day.

mermaid swing vest


If you're wondering about age appropriate clothing, then you've aged out of tolerating clothes that fall apart in the wash and leggings that become see through when you bend over. You're so over having to replace your black pants every year. 

Let's face it - well-made clothing looks more expensive and luxurious than fast fashion. The difference in how it looks is much greater than the difference in price. High-quality clothing is my favorite accessible luxury.

woman wearing random dots tank

Cover Up (or Don't)

I'm not going to tell you to cover up your arms once you've passed a certain age. If you want to, go right ahead. But if you've outgrown caring about what people will think of your upper arms, then show them off. Just remember the sunscreen.

Personally, when I'm more covered up it's because of practicality and comfort. Crop pants are vastly superior to shorts because they won't ride up leading to thigh chafing. I don't love swimwear that requires extensive body hair removal. 

It's About Confidence

Age appropriate clothing is about knowing your own mind. You're no longer dressing to put yourself on display, or trying to wear what all the cool kids are wearing. It's not that you've given up - it's that you've started dressing to please yourself.

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