Easy Care Plus Size Clothing

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Easy Care Plus Size Clothing

We have this tendency to think that stylish clothing is high maintenance and the only garments that are easy to care for look sloppy. But that's not really the truth. Vikki Vi classics are easy care and stylish. It can be done. 

So let's look at what easy care really means.

You Can Just Throw It On

An easy care garment is something you can pull out of the closet, drawer, or suitcase and get dressed in an instant. You don't have to iron or steam it because it doesn't wrinkle.

Think of it as grab-and-go clothing. Sure, you can just slip into shlumpy sweats, but why would you when you could wear Pull On Pants just as easily.

woman wearing a houndstooth check blazer

You Can Machine Wash It

Dry cleaning and hand washing aren't that onerous on the surface, but getting around to actually doing them is...not likely to happen. We have other things to do. And that's fine.

Machine washability is the hallmark of easy care clothes. That's why everything we carry is machine washable (with a few rare exceptions). 

Dryers Are Controversial

Some of the fabrics we use can go in the dryers, and others really shouldn't. Heat and Spandex are mortal enemies. The heat from the dryer weakens spandex, turning the fabric saggy and shapeless. If you own a garment that contains spandex, and the care instructions say you can put it in the dryer - the manufacturer is banking on your garment wearing out so you'll have to buy another. Is something really easy care if you have to replace it frequently?

You can safely put fabrics that include spandex in the dryer on the Fluff setting - no heat at all.

It's not just spandex that can get damaged by heat. Most of your clothes should probably stay away from the dryer thanks to pilling and fading. They'll hold on to their good looks for much longer.

Air Drying Can Be Easy

You just need to be prepared for it. Stackable sweater drying racks can really come in handy. If you don't have the room, you can drape garments over the crossbar of a hanger and hang to dry. Just don't hang the clothing by the shoulders because it'll stretch out and deform. Take your clothes off the hanger and put them away as soon as they're dry.

woman wearing avocado green separates and a mermaid vest

The Magic of Synthetics

Synthetic fabric gets a bad rap - and if you remember the 1970s, you know why. Old school polyester didn't need ironing, which is why is was marketed as a miracle of modern technology. Nobody really talked about the inconvenient fact that polyester didn't always feel good on the skin.

Synthetic fabric has come an extremely long way since then. The materials we use in Vikki Vi are silky soft, beautifully drapey, and they're a lot more breathable than their forebears. All while remaining wrinkle-free.

woman wearing a black dress and white linen blouse


Linen may just be the most low maintenance natural fabric ever. Sure, you could iron it, but linen is supposed to be a bit wrinkly, so there's no need. A crisp linen blouse is just so summery and luxurious. But plus size button down blouses rarely fit anyone properly.

Which is why I just about lost my mind when we introduced Linen Fit and Flare Blouses. I absolutely adore mine. The silhouette is just right for my pear-shaped figure, and the buttons are spaced so that they don't pull or gap over my chest.

I never dreamed I'd get to rock this sophisticated look. And no ironing!

Easy Care is Stylish

I hope that by now I've convinced you that you can look fabulous in easy care clothing. If you've been overlooking some stylish pieces because you thought they'd be hard to care for - check again. 

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