5 Reasons You Should Shop Our Black Friday Sale

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5 Reasons You Should Shop Our Black Friday Sale

You can't do anything this week without hearing about yet another Black Friday sale. Emails, online ads, television commercials - I wouldn't blame you for forgetting that you have somewhere to be on Thursday. Are you making that big, fancy meal to celebrate Thanksgiving or Black Friday Eve? It's so overwhelming that it's tempting to tune it all out. But even if you ignore every other Black Friday sale this year, you should check out ours, and I'll tell you why.

woman wearing a black sleeveless maxi tank dress

1. This is the only time Black Classics are all on sale.

Sure, we knock a few bucks off the black pants every now and then, but Black Friday is the only time we discount all the Black Classics. If you want to add some black pieces to your wardrobe, now is the time to pounce.

2. All Black Classics are included in the sale.

Even the pieces we have out of stock. Most of the time when you shop sales, you can only hope that they'll still have your size. Not an issue with this sale. If we don't have something on hand, you can pre-order at the discounted price.

3. 20% off!

I used to be a Black Friday curmudgeon. My aunts would be coming home from the mall while I was still asleep. Didn't they know about the internet? I'm such a contrarian that for years I'd ignore the whole thing, even online. I was determined not to participate. I'd skim past all the emails about sales until one made me sit up and say, "wait, how much off?!" 20% is nothing to sneeze at. (And unlike some retailers, we don't raise prices before taking off that 20%. We're doing 20% off of our regular prices.)

a woman wearing black Vikki Vi seperates

4. Black is the ultimate neutral.

Black goes with all the other colors. I'm tempted to say "except navy blue" but the moment I do I'm going to see an ad for a black and navy dress and I'll have to eat my words. You can rely on black to mix and match with bright colors, subdued colors, and prints. If you have black in your closet, you don't have to think twice about buying a jacket that takes your breath away, or some stunning statement necklace that you simply must have. 

5. Black Classics don't fade.

We've all had to get rid of black pants that had faded to gray. But not a nice shade of gray - a gray that is clearly worn out black. Not a great look. But Vikki Vi Classics don't fade. That's just how acetate behaves. If I'd paid more attention in science class, I'd probably be able to explain why. We have customers who have been wearing the same exact pair of Vikki Vi pants for 20 years. Not the same exact style of pants - the same exact pair of pants, pants that are now old enough to vote. The Cost Per Wear is lower than with any other clothing you own. 

Don't Miss It - 

The sale starts Wednesday.  People wait all year for this sale. They keep asking us when we're going to discount Black Classics. And now it's time. Once our Black Friday sale is over, you won't see prices this low on Black Classics for another year. So...

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I recently moved and taking my Vicki Vi pieces were a pleasure to pack! Rolled them up and that night went out to dinner feeling dressed up and looking fresh in spite of the move. My crops fit me like ankle length with no need to have them hemmed! Love them!

—Barbaracorin ,

You know know how I love my crops especially since they fit me like ankle length! Ivan wear them one day and if I must, I wash them to use the next day. Easy to travel with because they roll up so nicely for packing without wrinkles. I love them and I wear them with any pretty tops and feel well dressed!

—Barbaracorin ,

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