Your LBD Doesn't Have to be Little. Or Black. Or a Dress.

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You LBD Doesn't Have to be Little. Or Black. Or a Dress - Fashion Blog

When you think LBD, you probably picture Audrey Hepburn in pearls and long gloves. It's an elegant look, but hardly appropriate for the office. But lose the gloves and add a blazer, and you're ready for work. Or throw on a denim jacket and a scarf and run some errands.

The whole reason little black dresses are a thing is that they're so versatile you can wear them every week for months without repeating a look. In fact, in 2009 one woman wore the same dress every day for a year without repeating a look. 


Black Maxi Tank Dress
But the real reason we like to say that every woman needs an LBD is because it's a reliable piece that you can wear anywhere. Do you really want to buy an entirely new outfit for your cousin's kid's sweet sixteen? You want to be able to reach into your closet for last minute date nights, important meetings, and days you just can't deal with assembling an outfit from separates. That's what an LBD can do for you.

That classic Audrey Hepburn LBD is a sheath dress - the nemesis of pear shaped women everywhere. But an LBD can be an A-Line dress with lots of room for hips. It doesn't need to be knee length - it can be as long or as short as you'd like.

An LBD is an idea more than it's a single piece of clothing. That means that other garments can fit the bill. That purple dress up in my profile picture? I wear it like an LBD - that bad girl goes with everything.

Get ready to have your mind blown. An LBD doesn't even have to be a dress. It can be a stunning pair of palazzo pants - add a top and you're stylish as all get out.



black sheath dress
Is there something in your closet that you can wear to your parents' best friends' anniversary party? And to the office? And to lunch with friends?

If you don't, that gap in your wardrobe is easily filled. And if you do, you might want another piece like that. Besides my purple dress, I have a black dress and black palazzo pants. That lets me have some variety so I'm not always wearing the same color.

So what makes something an LBD? Versatility. That means it needs to be classic - a wardrobe basic that's always appropriate. So look for simple design. A cowl neckline may be stunning, but it's not as versatile as a scoop or a v neckline. Ruffled sleeves are interesting, but may not be in style in three years - and won't fit under jackets.


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An LBD is an investment that you'll wear for years. If you buy one before you need an outfit for a specific event, you have time to shop around and even score it on sale. 

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