Plus Size Style Icon: Carrie Fisher

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Plus Size Style Icon: Carrie Fisher

Well, we've lost an icon. But I'm not here to talk about what a punch in the gut it is that we've lost Carrie Fisher far too soon. Let's focus on how lucky we are to have had her for as long as we did. 

As an actress, Carrie Fisher was professionally young, thin and pretty. Until she wasn't. She didn't let it bother her or stop her for an instant. Who needs to act in movies when you're busy writing them? She was unapologetic about her mental illness, and the memory loss she suffered after receiving electroshock treatments. As a starlet, she did more than her share of drugs.

All that probably explains her DGAF attitude towards aging. She knew how lucky she was to make it to the age of 60. We're all fortunate to live long enough to deal with the effects of gravity and a slowing metabolism.

Her attitude was, "I got old. Good for me."

Some people criticized her looks in The Force Awakens. She no longer looked like the Princess Leia who wore that ridiculous gold bikini. Which is fine because she'd become GENERAL Leia and don't you forget it. Her character overthrew an evil empire, helped restore a galactic republic and then organized a resistance against some new bad guys. All that has got to wear on a gal. It's only right that she was played by someone who looked like she'd lived.

Speaking of getting it done, as an actress Carrie Fisher could convey more with a look than most people can with a whole monologue. George Lucas' clunky dialogue inspired her to become a writer - she just knew that she could do better. And she did, starting with her own dialogue in The Empire Strikes Back. She went on to write novels, memoirs and movies. In the 90s, she was an in-demand script doctor, fixing other writers' scripts - is there any woman who can't relate to fixing other people's messes?

Carrie Fisher didn't have to stay young, thin, and pretty. She had talent, skills, and a strong work ethic.

Lydia in black classicsWhen she went on talk shows to promote her books or a new movie she didn't squeeze herself into shapewear in an attempt to look smaller. She wore comfortable, stylish clothes. And brought her dog with her, which is not a thing people usually do. Or ever do. But she felt like keeping her weird little french bulldog with her and we loved her for it.

You do you, General.

And that's what we can learn from her - how to stop caring so much about what people think and say about us. Our bodies may not be fashionable, but that's not what bodies are for. She proved that women can become more distinguished with age just like men. All it takes is not trying to be something we're not and never apologizing for it.

As for her style, she wore her share of black clothes, but didn't shy away from bold reds and blues. She wasn't afraid to show a little skin on the red carpet, though she preferred higher necklines at more casual events. Her clothes weren't too big or baggy, concealing her shape. She dressed like she had nothing to hide and nothing to apologize for - and that's worth imitating.

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What a great blog ! It left me inspired and thankful . I loved the older Carrie .

—Robin tampani,

Great, intelligent perspective on Carrie Fisher.


RIP, Carrie Fisher. She was an inspiration to all women, size be damned!


Thank you, Jen, for your blog comments about Carrie Fisher! Carrie will be sorely missed. You both are an inspiration to those of us who are bigger and still beautiful.

—Princess lisa,

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