Plus Size for Women Over 50

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Plus Size for Women Over 50

Is plus size over 50 really that different than dressing when you're in your 40s? Or 30s? Or 20s? Change really sneaks up on you, doesn't it? You probably didn't think too much about your changing style when you turned 30 or 40. But looking back makes it clear that your personal style rules have evolved over time.

So what's changed?

Your body is different.

Every human over 40ish has a bigger tummy than they had in their younger days. It's time to add a little apple to whatever your body shape has been until now. You know your body better than anyone, so you'll need to sift through all the style advice for the different body shapes that combine to make the wonderful you. Figure out which style rules/suggestions apply to you and ignore any you don't like.


woman wearing black separates and a black and tan print jacket
For example, apple shaped women love the Maxi Tank Dress because it skims over their middles elegantly. But pear shaped women can be unhappy with that dress because it doesn't get bigger around the hips like their bodies do. But they can get the same exact look from a Sleeveless Shell with a matching Straight Maxi Skirt in a larger size. Keeping the top untucked means that fabric skims over their tummies, and the properly fitting skirt looks and feels great.


Plus, our A-Line Maxi Dress skims over the tummy which is why this apple-pear gal has more than one.

Your style goals may have changed.

You may care a lot less about trends than you used to. By this point in your life, you've thrown out enough poorly-made, overpriced clothing that you're paying more attention to quality and Cost Per Wear.  

You also want to be comfortable, even at dressy occasions. You spent too many years with limited plus size clothing options, and that kept you from looking the way you wanted to. You want it all, and you know that you deserve it. 


woman wearing a navy and gold maxi tank dress
On a practical level, that means you don't want anything in your wardrobe that you wouldn't want to wear while answering the door. That's not to say that you'll be sleeping in clothes that you could also wear to the office, but you're done with threadbare bathrobes and stretched-out sweats. 


Several of my 50+ friends have been rediscovering caftans and loving it. You may find yourself embracing brighter colors and more exuberant prints than ever before. Or wearing all neutrals. You're less concerned with what everyone else thinks, and more interested in pleasing yourself.

Reimagining your wardrobe requires effort up front.

You don't want to have to put a lot of thought into buying clothes every single time you decide to add to your wardrobe. If you really think things through once in a while, and take the time to research how to dress your body and explore different options, then you'll learn what's right for you and what isn't. After that process, you'll find that clothes shopping is less frustrating and more fun. 

At the age of 50, you've learned that advance research and planning is worth the time and effort. At the end of that process, you'll know that when a garment doesn't fit you well or doesn't look on you, the fault lays with the clothing and not your body. And that can help you enjoy your 50s more than your previous decades.

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GREAT BLOG post! Nice to have my age group focused on for something both positive and realistically helpful. In my head I really don’t feel any older but my body sure does-so my needs have definitely changed. Thank You!

—Roberta dugan,

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