More Style Tips for Plus Size Rectangle Shaped Women

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More Style Tips for Plus Size Rectangle Shaped Women

I know you're expecting me to tell you to throw on a belt and move on with your life. Which is a perfectly valid option for you. But that's all about making your rectangle shaped body look like the almighty hourglass. And that's not my fave style tip.

We have this idea that there's something wrong about our bodies unless we're in the 10% of women who have hourglass shaped bodies. We think that we're not feminine enough because we're not 36-24-36. Every time we frown at ourselves in the mirror, it's because of that. Well, not every time. Sometimes we frown at ourselves in the mirror because we're trying to figure out if that's a trick of the light or a stain that didn't come out in the wash. 


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But most of the time, we're upset that our bodies are shaped the way they are. I don't know about you, but I just don't have the energy for that anymore. I mean, you could wear a corset/waist trainer, plus padding to make your hips and booty look bigger. But does that sound comfortable?


Dressing for Comfort Looks Good Too

When your clothes are shaped like your body and not someone else's, you can move through the day without having to tug and adjust your clothes over and over again. Your clothes don't pull or bunch up. Everything drapes the way it's meant to. You'll look and feel poised.

You know what is comfortable? Wearing clothes that are shaped like you are. A Sheath Dress or Jewel Neckline Maxi Dress are straight up and down on the sides - just like you. Same thing with Kimono Jackets and Kimono Dusters. And 3/4 Sleeve Cardigans. A rectangle shaped body is also comfortable in something with a little extra fabric around the hips - a Swing Cardigan or Fit and Flare Jacket. Those styles can make you appear to be a bit curvier than you are.


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About Those Belts


Empire waist tops and dresses also add a sense of curviness. Look for styles like the Jersey Maxi Dress. You can create an empire waist effect by wearing a belt higher than your natural waist - right below the bustine. Play around to see what works best for you.


Tailored pants may not be your best friend if they're cut to allow for wide hips. Vikki Vi's Pull On Pants are a great choice for you because the elastic waistband allows for a good fit, and the fabric drapes nicely. Some materials may hang limply, so choose wisely. Leggings are another great choice for you because they'll hug your hips and waist for a perfect (and perfectly comfortable) fit.

Don't fear the legging. Yes, you're plus sized. Yes, gravity has not been kind to any of us. Just wear leggings with tunics that cover your hips.


If you want to look curvy in pictures or even in person, simply put one hand on your waist. Shifting your weight to one foot will also make you look a bit curvier.

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I am hour glass and a 3 X. There’s nothing great about that. Belts accentuate the size of my belly and hips!! Vicki Vi works well on me because the clothes ease over my very full curves. I think plus sized gals look best really well groomed plus simple clothes with great statement accessories! Great blog!!

—Marla patterson ,

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