Don't Fear the Legging

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Don't Fear the Legging

So here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: we just got in some amazing jeggings. No, seriously. Even a fashion snob like me can appreciate these babies. Many of us have a complicated relationships with leggings, so let's unpack that, shall we?

Remember stirrup pants? I loved those things. They were so comfortable and were a great counterpoint to the oversized tops we all loved so much in the 80s. But I eventually gave them up in favor of wide leg or boot leg pants - all the better to visually balance out my hips.

plus size denim leggingsWhen leggings came back into style, I instantly became a cranky old curmudgeon. These new leggings tended to be made from material that just didn't seem to be thick enough to really be pants. And yet young women insisted on wearing them with short tops. Complete strangers would accost women on the street to criticize their outfits. 

So many mixed feelings. Because I had taken against this new wave of leggings, but also people need to mind their own business. If twenty year old women wanted to wear outfits I didn't like, that was more than their right. It's kinda their job to rebel, push the envelope, and find their own style.

Then something interesting happened. Leggings started showing up in higher quality fabrics. Suddenly I was seeing leggings that were so nice that they were no longer...controversial. They were leggings that actually were pants. These were leggings for grownups. (Have you tried Vikki Vi Classic Slim Leg Pants? They're made from the same material as the Pull On Pants so you know they're not going to stretch and become see-through.)

But What About These Newfangled Jeggings?

plus size leggingsI arbitrarily drew the line at jeggings. It's not like I'm above stretch denim. I think it was the name. "Jeggings" The word gives me flashbacks to the jorts (denim shorts) I wore in the 90s. I know, I know! There were so many clothes that were more comfortable and less dated! It was a youthful indiscretion! I made lots of bad choices back then! Everyone was doing it!

(OK, now that I've appeased the anti-jort crowd allow me to say that if you want to wear denim shorts, go right ahead. You'd be cooler in Crop Pants, temperature-wise. But there's nothing sartorially wrong with them.)

So why are these jeggings so fabulous that they've won me over? For starters, they have pockets. Real, actual pockets. The wide waistband provides a bit of control, but not so much that you feel squeezed or develop a muffin top. There's nothing about these denim leggings that looks sloppy.

Start Simple

plus size denim leggingsIf you've spent years thinking that leggings aren't right for you, give them a try. They're just so comfortable. And cute! And fashion forward! I believe in you!

Begin with small steps. Wear leggings with a top that's long enough to cover your entire rear. If you're petite or average height, a Swing Top will fit the bill. Tall ladies can get a similar effect from a Long Kimono Jacket.

Then move on to tops that cover some, but not all of your middle. It's OK - we don't carry leggings (denim or otherwise) that will cling and give you a camel toe. Your crotch will look fine. Deep breaths. You can totally do this. A Short Sleeve Tunic or 3/4 Sleeve Top will give you the right amount of coverage.

Be Brave

It may be a little scary to wear something that you've been told isn't right for your body. But it's just clothes. No one is going to throw rocks at you if they don't like your outfit. Leggings may be outside of your comfort zone, but it's very comfortable out here.


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I love these jeggings. I bought both the light and dark. They wash well. After washing they were a bit stiff but got softer as I wore them. Received compliments. Highly recommend them. Thanks


Thanks for the encouragement! I wish I still had long legs w/o the above knee hump. I still love leggings. Sooo comfortable.


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