Buying Vikki Vi On A Limited Budget

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Buying Vikki Vi On A Limited Budget

We know that Vikki Vi clothes are investments. I don't use that word lightly. If you buy a garment that you can wear weekly for several years (or a couple of decades), that's an investment. You may call it an investment in your wardrobe, but you can also look at it as in investment in not having to spend the time and energy to replace your black pants every year or so. And let's not forget Cost Per Wear, which is ultimately higher with inexpensive fast fashion. 

Making that up front investment can seem like an big hurdle. And I get that not everyone prioritizes their wardrobe, but I'm puzzled that someone who doesn't really care about clothes would rather buy clothes that need to be replaced fairly often. I mean, Vikki Vi Classics allow the "set it and forget it" approach to filling your closet.


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So I asked the members of our FB Group, We Love Vikki Vi, what they would say to someone who says Vikki Vi isn't for them because of their limited income. Here are some of the responses:

"Completely understandable. This is a great thing to ask for as birthday gifts, however." - Kate

This seems like a good time to mention that we sell gift cards

"Well I’m retired on fixed income. Here is what I say… better to spend on a few beautiful Vikki Vi pieces than a ton of cheap low quality other stuff! Get yourself black pants and tops. Then some colorful toppers or jackets. Beautiful capsule wardrobe ! Constant compliments !!" - Nina

I love the whole capsule wardrobe concept. Even a maximalist like me can see the merits in having enough reliable timeless pieces so you never have to worry about having something to wear. In fact, taking that pressure off of myself is what allowed me to start having fun with clothes.


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"One piece at a time! It is so worth it! I’m still wearing my VV black pants from 17 years ago!" - Chris

We have customers who wear head-to-toe Vikki Vi, but that doesn't have to be you. Very few people can afford to replace their entire wardrobe at once. Even the people who wear nothing but Vikki Vi started out with one or two pieces.

"I’d explain that it is a good investment to slowly increase your Vikki VI wardrobe when you can, as in the long run it will save you money because they last much longer than most other clothing! And they are easy to mix and match !!" - Susan

The power of mixing and matching can't be overstated. Our classic, timeless styles mix well with your non-Vikki Vi clothes as well as they do with each other. If you don't have to buy a new top to go with that cute new skirt you just bought, that's a cost savings as well as a convenience.

"I buy when they have sales &the clothes are so well made they last. It’s worth it to buy quality clothes made in the USA!" - Catherine


"Sign up for e-mails about FLASH SALES and watch for clearance sales! They also offer 4 pay! These are beautiful clothes, long lasting, classics!" - Kimberly

This is why my strategy is Always Be Shopping. Well made, low cost, fast - you can only have two of those things at a time. You can get well made clothes at affordable prices if you keep an eye out for sales, and never shop in a hurry. 


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We always have a Sale section, and we've lowered our prices overall. We've also introduced a loyalty rewards program where you can earn points towards discounts. 

I'll finish with one last quote.

"With black pants and a kimono jacket you can go anywhere from a movie to a wedding to a funeral depending on the top you choose to go with the Vicki V black" - Eileen

With just a few Vikki Vi Classics, you'll never have to panic shop at the last minute (which usually ends up pretty expensive).

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