8 Reasons Why Vikki Vi Gift Cards Are A Great Gift

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8 Reasons Why Vikki Vi Gift Cards Are A Great Gift

Gift cards can be a really thoughtful present. Especially Vikki Vi gift cards. Here's why:

1. Shopping!

When you give someone a gift card, you're giving them the fun of browsing New Arrivals with no pressure. Maybe they'll find something today, or maybe next time. Low stress shopping is the best. 

2. Gift cards can save the day.

You know I'm a firm believer in shopping for and buying clothes when you don't have an immediate need. That way, you can be sure to have something to wear for special events. But not everyone shops that way.

If your loved one is trying to track down something specific in a hurry, a gift card can be extremely helpful. When it comes to cheap, fast, and well made you can only have 2 of those things. Thanks to your thoughtful gift, they can order some well made clothes in a rush with little or no financial hit. 


woman wearing a green print cocoon duster
3. Gift cards are a way to introduce someone to Vikki Vi.


You love Vikki Vi. That's even the name of our Facebook Group - We Love Vikki Vi. Chances are that you know someone who would also love Vikki Vi. Giving them a gift card is an easy way to tell them about us, and how our clothes are comfortable and stylish all at once. Just a few good quality pieces can elevate their entire wardrobe. 

4. Vikki Vi gift cards let you help someone to love themselves a little bit more.

My path to size acceptance was through clothing that fit well and looked good. I'm not the only one. Baggy blah clothes can wreck someone's self esteem.  So introducing someone to Vikki Vi can be a big boost to their ego. 

And if I say so myself, my weekly blog is full of me talking about how there's nothing wrong with your body, some styles just don't fit every body shape as well as you'd like, and you're way too fabulous to dress like you want to fade into the background. See? I just said all that again. 

It's easy for them to discount your compliments and advice because you like and love them, so of course you're not going to be as mean to them as they are to themselves. Send 'em my way, and I'll get through to them.


woman wearing a zebra print duster
5. A Vikki Vi gift card lets you help a newly plus size friend.


When someone's weight changes and they find themselves needing plus size clothing for the first time in their lives, they may have no idea where to shop. And they may not feel comfortable asking where you shop. Giving them a Vikki Vi gift card will make that conversation (and their life) a lot easier.

6. A Vikki Vi gift card is thoughtful but doesn't require research.

You don't have to know their favorite colors, their feelings on animal prints, or even their size. One of our gift cards will hook them up with their new favorite piece of clothing with minimal effort from you.

7. You wouldn't mind receiving one yourself.

And it's a lot easier to drop a hint that you'd like a Vikki Vi gift card than a specific item. 

8. You can buy Vikki Vi gift cards at the last minute.

We'll email the recipient their gift card info, or we can email it to you so you can pass it along.

What are you waiting for?

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