You Deserve to Treat Yourself

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You Deserve to Treat Yourself

One of my love languages is gifts, so I love shopping for presents. I really enjoy finding just the right thing for each person. While I'm at it, I'll find things that would make a perfect gift for me. But I usually don't buy those things because....reasons?

The thing is - shopping for ourselves is important self care. Sure, you meditate and floss your teeth and make sure you have clothes to keep you from freezing. But treating yourself is also part of taking care of yourself. 

Start Your Day Off Right

It's one thing to have a closet full of clothes that you can wear because they fit and aren't stained. But it's quite another to have a wardrobe you absolutely love. With the first, you open your closet in the morning and think, "sigh. What am I going to wear today? I guess this will do." With the second you think, "oh boy, what am I going to wear today? Ooh, I love that one - I'll wear that."

woman wearing black separates

That moment sets the tone for your day. Cultivating a wardrobe that makes you happy is the sort of self care that makes a really big impact on the rest of your life. You deserve clothes that make you happy, even if you're used to putting other people first. Especially then.

No Special Occasion Panic

When you have a merely adequate wardrobe, you're never sure if you have something to wear. You get a wedding invitation and inwardly groan because you just know you're going to have to buy something new and the time pressure isn't going to make it any easier. 


woman wearing a green cocoon duster
But with a closet full of fabulous clothes, you know you've got something in there that will be be just the thing. You're ready for anything from a job interview to a fancy party. You can focus on getting mentally ready for important events instead of worrying about what you're going to wear.


Shopping to Treat Yourself

Checking in with New Arrivals every now and then is a good way to find those pieces that'll fill you with contentment. But knowing about what's out there is just the first step. You won't put anything in your shopping cart if you don't have the right mindset. 

When you see something that catches your eye, do you ask yourself if you really need it? Or do you think about how much you'll enjoy wearing that wonderful thing? 


woman wearing a mod print sleeveless shell
This is why self care is such a big deal. We've trained ourselves to make do with as little as possible - including happiness and contentment. We think that making our lives easier is an indulgence. Let me say it louder:


You deserve to own clothes that you love.

You just do. What I want is for you to love your wardrobe as much as I love mine. Sure, my actual closet could use a redesign. But it's no longer a source of disappointment because I absolutely adore what's in there.

How Will You Treat Yourself?

Maybe you'd love to have some more Black Classics. Or some prints that take your breath away. Or a color that always puts a smile on your face. Whatever it is, go for it. It's the kind of self care that will pay off every time you get dressed.

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