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I've seen a few tweets lately that have given me hope for womankind. They all say something like, "The beach is going to be happy with the body I give it." Finally! After years of hearing about how we have to change our bodies for the beach, women are questioning that line of thinking.

If you want to spend Spring getting a bit more toned for the Summer, you do you. But forget the delayed gratification and magical thinking that leads us to avoid the pool or beach until we're thinner than we ever were as teenagers. The whole beach body concept tells us that our weight makes us worthy or unworthy of enjoying a day in the sun. It tells us that our lives will begin someday, after we've lost an unrealistic amount of weight.

I became a much happier person once I decided to start living now. And that includes swimming.

Suit Up

plus size sundressBathing suit shopping is a nightmare. It just is. I find it's less odious to order a bunch of options online and try everything on at home. Whether you're trying on bathing suits in a department store dressing room or your bedroom, STAY HYDRATED. Actually that applies to trying on any clothes. It's tiring to keep changing clothes, so you need to keep up your stamina. 

Remember the point of a bathing suit - it's to keep your body covered while you swim and lounge around. You're going to want a built in bra and straps that are likely to stay in place. I like a tankini because it offers the coverage of a one-piece while making trips to the restroom much easier.

Cover up

plus size caftanBoth of my parents have had a touch of the ol' skin cancer, so let's skip the lecture and consider some options that will save us from having to reapply sunscreen every half hour. I've got two words for you: Rash Guard. (Sexy, no?) Rash guards are long sleeve swim tops (and pants) that protect you from sunburn. They're called rash guards because they keep surfers' skin from chafing as they slide on and off their surfboards. Which means they're also great for preventing chub rub, which many bathing suits don't do. Rash guards even come in cute colors and patterns.

Board shorts (instead of or on top of rash guard bottoms) are more comfortable around your middle than most traditional bathing suits. And the length means that you can head out to the pool even if you haven't been staying on top of the bikini line situation.  

You're going to want to have some sort of beach cover up for when you're coming and going, or lounging around the pool. Might as well wear a dress you can wear at other times. Our strapless lounge dresses are just right for slipping on over your swimwear. If you really want to look glamorous as all get out, try a caftan. Yes, really. Lipstick with sunscreen completes the look. (Pro tip: your regular lip balm may be a ticket to sunburned lips. Trust me on this one.)

Coverage for the Right Reasons

Remember - you're not looking to cover up at the pool because there's something wrong with your body. You do need to cover up to protect your skin. Besides - everything is much more fun when you're not constantly tugging at your swimsuit.

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