Building a Carefully Curated Wardrobe

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Building a Carefully Curated Wardrobe

It drives me crazy when people shop thoughtlessly. How much do you have to love your job to throw away your income on anything you're not sure you're going to adore? To me, money isn't just something I can exchange for goods and services. It represents time I could've spent knitting and Netflixing, but didn't. And I'm not going to swap my couch time for a top I'm going to wear twice.

Besides, reckless shopping is bad for the environment. Between fast fashion and what really happens to the clothes you donate, we're damaging the planet over skirts that weren't that nice after all. 

But who has time to shop mindfully? Actually, it doesn't take that much time.

Be Picky

red plus size lounge dressYou know how you go to a department store and buy something just because you want to have something to show for the trip? Don't do that. Your closet will get overstuffed with things you don't really want to wear. Treat yourself to a soft pretzel instead.

Assuming you have enough clothes that fit you to last until laundry day, there's no urgent need to buy anything new. So you're only going to buy something really special. Think of it like dating - if you're happy being single, you're not going to waste your time on some jerk. But you wouldn't mind going out with someone who's worth your time.

When your standards are high, you're going to end up with a closet full of well made clothes in colors that look amazing on you. 

Always Be Shopping

plus size shark bite tunicI don't mean that you should spend every weekend hanging out at the mall. None of us has that kind of time or energy. But you can keep an eye out. 

Stay on top of New Arrivals. Actually open all those emails you signed up for. Your new favorite dress may drop into your lap this way. Otherwise, you might wind up shopping for an outfit at the last minute - which leads to discovering that everything good is sold out in your size. If you absolutely must have a new dress for your nephew's wedding, you have plenty of time to shop for just the right thing.

But what happens when you stumble across a fabulous dress that you're not sure you'll have a chance to wear? You might be better off just saying no. Or you may be able to think of different ways to accessorize it that will make it just right for a few upcoming occasions. Or you can create a reason to wear it, like a fancy date night.

Maybe Don't Wait for Sales

We all love a bargain. But holding off on buying can mean that something will be sold out in your size when you want it. By all means, sleep on it if you're an impulse buyer. But sometimes you just have to seize the skirt.

It's Worth It

If you shop this way, you'll actually spend less time shopping than you used to. You may spend more time browsing online, but you needed a few minutes away from work anyway.

Get started curating your wardrobe and check out New Arrivals now.

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