The Plus Size Guide to Mixing and Matching Clothes

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The Plus Size Guide to Mixing and Matching Clothes

One of the things I love about dresses is that you put on a dress and boom - you're dressed. You don't have to put any thought into mixing and matching, which pieces go together, is the top that goes with these pants clean - you know the routine. But Vikki Vi Classics are perfect for mixing and matching. And it turns out that there's a formula or two that you can follow.

woman wearing jeans and a black blazer

The Sandwich

OK, this one is actually pretty straightforward but explaining the origin is a big tangled. I saw a Buzzfeed article about a TikTok video about the formula for creating Pinterest-worthy outfits. That's one of the most convoluted sentences I've ever written, so feel free to ignore it.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Put on a top.

Step 2: Add bottoms that don't match the top. I'm talking about contrasting and complementing colors - not clashing. You can tell the difference by looking in a mirror - if you think, "hmm, this doesn't really go," then the colors are clashing. You may even want to go with a contrasting vibe - like a formal top and jeans. 

Step 3: Match the shoes to the top - in color or vibe. So if you've got a fancy top with jeans, wear nice shoes. If you're pairing a casual tee with say, Vikki Vi Slim Leg Pants, then the shoes should be casual.

The shoes and the top make the sandwich. I've really come to appreciate the joy of unsubtle shoes. Black, brown, and navy have their place. But pink, red, purple, blue, black with sequins, cream with embroidery - those are fun. They may not belong in your office, but what about the rest of the time?

Step 4: Add a layer - a jacket, a scarf, a vest 

Step 5: Your purse should match any part of your outfit. Again, this means matching the color or vibe. So if you're mixing gray and pink, then your purse should be gray or pink. If you're mixing casual with dressy, your purse can be either casual or fancy.

Step 6: Accessorize to your heart's content. 

woman wearing an ikat pattern suit

The Suit

This is most people's entry into mixing separates - matching bottoms and jacket with a contrasting top. If you're color- or print-averse, this is a great way for you to liven up your wardrobe. A solid jacket over a print tank tones down the print a bit. 

When combining colors, trust your instincts. If a combination doesn't look right, then it's not. Your shoes and purse should either be neutral or matching one of the colors.

woman wearing a black dress and cocoon jacket

All About The Jacket

We usually have quite a few bold top layers in stock. It's best to let them grab all the attention. Your top and bottoms should match each other so they act as backdrop. Your purse and other accessories should also be subtle so they don't fight with the jacket for attention. 

This is my favorite strategy for special event outfits. You don't need to buy a new dress, or an entire new outfit for every fancy occasion. You can wear the same black dress (or separates) and no one will even notice because all they'll see is that fabulous top layer.

You Got This

Have fun putting together outfits. For plus size women, clothing can be a fraught subject. We're still being told to dress in a way that makes us look smaller and fade into the background. (Ugh.) Mixing colors and prints can feel scary and rule breaking. Try it anyway. Once you get the hang of it, you may love it.

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