Plus Size Class Reunion Outfits

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Plus Size Class Reunion Outfits

Is there a more terrifying phrase than "class reunion"? Probably, but this one is right up there. Our school years are just so fraught with drama and angst and cliques and why do I want to see these people? Good question. If nothing else, you want to show off how fabulous you turned out. Yes, even you hiding in the back having an existential crisis. 


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If there is anything we have learned from John Hughes movies, it's that everyone in high school is a mess. Most people are really good at hiding it, so we didn't realize it at the time. It can be liberating to stand in a room of former classmates without being crushed by the weight of teenagerdom.


At my 10th high school reunion, I discovered that the guy who annoyed me is a lot less annoying when I don't have to spend 8 hours a day sitting next to him. I also learned that one of the hot guys actually knew my name, that I wasn't too nervous to talk to him, and that he was a perfectly normal human being. 

Yeah, yeah, you don't want to go because you weigh more now than you did back in school. We've all put on a few, and everyone will be far more concerned with how they look. I did overhear some guys making a nasty comment about another guy's weight, so I can imagine what they were saying about me behind me back. But not only did I disagree with those catty guys (that big guy's bulky frame meant he didn't look like a scrawny little kid anymore), but I also found that I didn't care at all about their (incorrect) opinions.

That being said, I wouldn't dream of going to my 30th without an outfit that was sending a message.


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What Do You Want Your Outfit to Say?


Maybe you want to look rich and successful. Go for understated elegance in your outfit. Whether your jewelry is the real thing or fabulous fakes, think small. Leave the statement necklace at home. Wear all neutrals such as Black or Navy or a subdued color like Vintage Violet or Sage. Dress like you've got nothing to prove and you'll get your point across.

If, like me, you were stuck with a ridiculous dress code in high school, you want to look stylish and more than a little Fabulouser Than Thou. That calls for a print. So many people are afraid to wear prints, so you'll look like a fashionista in comparison.

Or you might want an outfit that says, "I have aged so much better than the rest of you." Wear an animal print. It brings a certain joie de vivre to your outfit without seeming like you're trying too hard.

Some Final Tips

Don't take your partner - they will be bored. If you can't stand the thought of walking in alone, meet a friend for dinner or a drink beforehand. Or just take your time at the coat check until someone you know comes along.

Go through your phone and mark a few photos as favorites, so you can find them easily.

If you can, help organize the reunion. That way you can make sure the DJ will have the good sense to play music from back in the day, and won't make you all play musical chairs to break the ice (true story).

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