More Style Tips For Plus Size Triangle Shaped Women

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More Style Tips For Plus Size Triangle Shaped Women

A lot of people (stylists and designers included) seem to think that dressing for your body shape means camouflage and optical illusions. These people are kidding themselves. They seem to think that we should all aspire to look like we're hourglass shaped, even though less than 10% of women are actually hourglasses. 

I'm all for looking balanced, but sheesh. It's not really possible to make a pear shaped woman look hourglass shaped. Believe me, I've tried. There is no shapewear capable of this magic trick. You could drop 50 pounds and you'll still be pear shaped. You do spend hours doing exercises that target your hips and you'd still be triangle shaped. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or self deluded. 

woman wearing a navy blue faux wrap dress
I don't know about you, but I am way too old and tired to bother with unrealistic goals. I can barely manage realistic goals, as anyone who has seen my messy kitchen can attest. 

But you know what is possible? Dressing like a fabulous triangle.

How can I dress for my triangle shape?

Remember this one tip from which all other pear style tips flow: Give your hips room. That means Palazzo Pants, A-Line Skirts, Pencil Skirts, and Trumpet Skirts. Pull On Pants also give your hips and thighs the space they need.

You want tops that also accommodate your hips. Swing Cardigan and Swing Vests are wider at the hips than the shoulders - just like you. I've discussed this in detail in another post.

Do I really have to avoid straight skirts?

Nope. Just pay attention to fit. You want something that is wide enough at the hips, but not too big at the waist. Elastic waistbands are great for this. Lydia is wearing a Maxi Tank Dress on the right. I'm always saying how ideal that dress is for apple shaped women. But Lydia is a triangle and the dress doesn't look too tight on her hips. It's just a matter of wearing the right size.

woman wearing a black t shirt style dress
Our models don't wear shapewear, but when wearing a straight skirt you might want to. It's a matter of smoothing out your hips rather than squeezing them in. Remember to go up a size with shapewear because nothing about women's clothing sizes makes sense.

But what if I want to camouflage?

That's OK. You do you. Instead of trying to make your hips look narrower, emphasize your top half. Wear a print top with solid pants. Or a light colored top with dark pants. Look for tops with design elements in the general neighborhood of the shoulder. Think cold shoulder tops, ruffles, anything that draws the eye up and away from your hips. A cropped jacket would also serve nicely. There are also some non-camouflage options that will give you what you want, like a Swing Cardigan.

Let's Talk Tummy

If you're built like me, your stomach is a bit more apple than it used to be. And that leaves you wondering if you should be dressing like a pear or an apple. You need a hybrid approach. Stick with these pear tips, but also give your tummy the room it needs. Dresses are going to fit you more comfortably than separates.

You Got This

I used to take a written list of style rules with me whenever I went shopping. Way too complicated. If something fits your body, feels comfy, and you like how it looks, it's perfect for you.

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