The Plus Size Guide to Timeless Trends

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The Plus Size Guide to Timeless Trends

"Timeless Trends" is totally a thing. I just made it up. But it's still a thing. A Timeless Trend is a look that's super IN but consists of timeless classics. Think Amal Clooney, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton. In many cases, you can recreate their looks by diving into your closet.

Trends usually aren't one specific piece of clothing. Trends tend to revolve around a style or color. Blogger Katie Sturino of the 12ish Style has a series of #supersizethelook posts where she creates the plus size version of a celebrity look. Metro UK has a nice roundup, and you can see more on her site. Sometimes Katie has the same exact piece in her size, and sometimes it's close enough. 

plus size camel kimono dusterFor example, Meghan Markle wore a camel skirt and a black long sleeved turtleneck with a black skinny belt. Katie's version is also a camel skirt and a black long sleeved turtleneck with a black skinny belt. They may be slightly different, but even after looking closely, I wasn't sure. The important thing is that these are wardrobe basics that you can wear whenever you want. Camel and black are such a classic combo that they're never out of style, so you get lots of wear out of the pieces once the initial trendy excitement wears off.

It got me thinking - if it's possible to recreate trendy looks from clothes you already own, then it's possible to approach it from the other angle - build a wardrobe of classic pieces that will become the latest thing over and over again.

Of course Vikki Vi Classics are wardrobe basics that you can wear for years - but that doesn't mean they're frumpy or boring. So I dove into the internet and combed through the latest celebrity street style and red carpet looks to see what Vikki Vi pieces could recreate the look.

plus size pinstripe tunicThe Timeless Trend Wardrobe

As I mentioned, Black and Camel are a classic combo that becomes hot, hot, hot whenever a style icon rocks that look. A Baby Camel Kimono Duster or Blazer mix well with your black separates. If you want Meghan Markle's look, the Baby Camel Pencil Skirt and Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck Tunic will do this job.

Navy keeps popping up in the trends - you can't go wrong with a Navy Short Shell Dress.

Pinstripes have come around again - Mila Kunis recently rocked a pinstripe jumpsuit on a talk show.

You know how I'm always saying that a topper can dress up plain separates like nobody's business? Orange Is The New Black's Danielle Brooks recently wore a print kimono-inspired jacket over White Jeans and a White Tank.

I saw a lot of white jackets, so your closet could use a White Blazer. 

Do I even need to mention that Classic Black is often seen on the red carpet?

The Magic of Timeless Trends

The magic is that you can wear these looks whenever you feel like it. You don't have to take direct inspiration from a celebrity when putting together an outfit. But you can. Keep that Navy Shell Dress in regular rotation. And when you see a celeb wearing a Navy dress with a Camel coat, do the same and feel more glamorous than usual.

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