I Love Vikki Vi - A Message from our CEO

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I Love Vikki Vi - A Message from our CEO

Over the 25 years that I've had the pleasure of selling Vikki Vi Clothing, I have spoken to countless women about their love of Vikki Vi.  There is magic around this product.  Whether it's in the fabric, the fit, or the way it makes you feel - Vikki Vi has a massive following.  I can't tell you the many conversations I've had with women who tell me they own over 100 pieces of Vikki Vi and still love and wear each one.  I love having these conversations with my customers because Vikki Vi has brought magic to my life as well.  

It all started back in the 90's when Nordstrom created the Encore department.  I was a women's clothing manager and had the opportunity to take on the responsibility of Encore.  Soon after we received our first collection in black, the craze began.  The wonder and excitement created around this special product was amazing.  I communicated to the buyers how much the customers loved this product and encouraged them to carry it all the time.  The love affair had begun and is still going strong today.  

I had a vision way back then that Vikki Vi would be an important part of my life.  I couldn't imagine how at that time, but I just knew.  When my second child Juliet was born in 2001, I felt that I couldn't go back to the corporate world to work for Nordstrom again.  I took the opportunity with the dawning of ECommerce to start a small website called Plus by Design.  I started my business with $5000 in inventory in six colors of slinky that I housed in our garage.  I worked from home and was able to care for my new baby.  I did everything in the beginning from taking customer calls on my cell phone to chasing the UPS guy around town every afternoon.  The growth of the business was immediate.  

In 2007, we were lucky enough to acquire the Vikki Vi label.  Today we are supplying Vikki Vi to Nordstrom online with Black Classics and Plus by Design is still growing.

I am always so grateful to the amazing support of all my Vikki Vi fans.  The love you show toward this amazing product has kept it going through many ups and downs.  I also have an amazing staff.  Allegra is our buyer/photographer/model and has been with us for over 10 years.  Leslie handles customer service and logistics.   Lydia is our beautiful model and the face of Vikki Vi for many years.  Our newest model is Danielle Line.   Make-up lovingly and beautifully done by Melanie Cristescu.  Our product is made in New York City with Roger handling the manufacturing and Burt supplying our high quality slinky fabric.  Our fabulous blogger is the talented Jen Anderson.  I am so blessed to work with these outstanding individuals and own this amazing company.  

Well, that's my love story.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.  I would just love it if you would tell your own Vikki Vi story.  Comments are open and we look so forward to hearing from you!  

All my best,

Danielle Z. Malconian


You’re a doll Danielle! The color lines you offered us this year (every year for that matter) are stunning! I’ve never had so many compliments for the beautiful look that you always help me put together. Add some jewelry or a scarf &a lovely pair of sandals or shoes and you’ve got it made.
I’ve known you since your Nordstrom days as Vikki Vi was my favorite then &you’re still dressing me today! It’s been my honor, believe me.
Thank you so much for the new VIP Private Launch. That was a treat and as usual, I had a ball with the orchid &avocado delights! Your taste in clothes &color choices for a larger woman is impeccable! You’re my hero! I can’t help but think of you every day because you fill my closet to the brim!
Best regards &to your good health and happiness, Marsha

—Marsha hanover,

Danielle—I loved that you shared your story and the story of Plus By Design. I have long felt I have a personal relationship with Vikki Vi clothes as I have bought them from the early days and have about 10 pair of pants in various colors in my closet along with tops and jackets of various shapes also in many different colors.I have been fortunate enough to live close to your stores when they were open and would stop in whenever I was nearby. Both you and Allegra are so warm and helpful. Allegra and I would have long, supportive talks as I tried on various pieces. Her comments and opinions were truly helpful. The couple of times I talked with you, you were so helpful and wonderful to deal with.

Having to buy ‘online’makes choices a bit more difficult than being able to try things on, but of course I do it as I love the fit of your pants, the colors you choose, and the quality of the slinky material.I am so grateful you exist and that you have the ability and desire to design plus size clothes that I can wear both in my work as a psychotherapist and my personal life whether going out to dinner or a play or just hanging out. I do feel you and Allegra are like family.

With thanks and huge hugs!

—Linda levinson,

I loved reading the story of how you got started! Thank you for sharing that. I bought my first pieces at my local Nordstrom in the Encore department in May of 2006 and still have those 2 black pieces!! I have since purchased well over 50 pieces from you and have visited your store when I travelled from the east coast to spend time with my daughter in California. Needless to say, I bought more when I was there, and it was a pleasure to meet you and your staff.
I like the product very much and it is all I wear. I mix and match the solids, and love to wear the prints with different solids. Your prints are designed to go with multiple solids which I appreciate very much. Besides the product being top notch your staff is as well. I can call and get wonderful customer service any time! Please keep it going. I am your customer for life!

—Susan kane,

I, love, this, World;and, it’s, CREATOR;and, when, I, create, MY, World, there will, also, be:

Sunsets, chocolate, sailboats, Mozart, VIKKI VI and, Intimate—by Revelon—perfume!……….

—Mary jan hansen,

I bought Vikki Vi when it first came to Nordstroms and it was all I wore. Then Nordstrom stopped carrying the line and tried to fill and lasts years. Just change out bouses and my wardrobe could remain stylish and up-to-date. Other brands of pants never fit me the same. My wardrobe became pretty boring unitl I found Plus by Design in your early years. Thank you so much. I know this is your passion and your livelihood but you have done a very good deed for so many of us. I can’t remember the last time I went into a store to buy clothes. It has been years. Now that you have expanded the line and added more high-end evening wear I really don’t have to go to clothing stores. I applaud your success.

—Barbara swartz,

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